Thursday, July 3, 2014

May 19, 1963 The Iris Centerpiece, The Sweater, The Blue Nile and The Peonies

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm really running late and I've been running all right--from one thing to another.  I've been to Sunday School and will have to get dressed soon to go to the Pen Women's luncheon meeting.  I'm hostess this month & we're meeting in the school cafeteria.  I have a centerpiece made of iris that looks real pretty.

Ann's organ recital is at 4:00 this afternoon so I hope the meeting is over.  If it isn't I'll have to walk out for I'm not missing her recital.  She had a long lesson on the big church organ yesterday but I didn't get home from a luncheon in time to go with her.  I'm sure she'll do fine, though.  I almost didn't get home in time to fix vegetables to take to potluck last night.  The phone started ringing & I had company.  I took rice instead of potatoes & carrots.

I'm still sewing for Ann.  I have one about half done & one more to go.  We may just buy her formal if we can find one.  After I started figuring material I couldn't save enough to make it worthwhile.  I'd like to make my lace dress next week but it is so full of things I don't know whether I can.

May, 1963, just in time for summer!
Ann's sweater is all done & sure is pretty.  Bob can't wait for me to start on his but I can't persuade him to choose an easy pattern.

I enjoyed Marjorie's letter.  It will be a real fine trip but I think she will find Japan pretty warm in September, too.

Well, it is suppertime.  I have been to the luncheon and to Ann's recital.  She played real nicely.  We are so proud of her organ playing.

I got the Blue Nile to read in our book club but haven't even opened it yet.  We bought a new book from the Book of the Month Club that I want to read soon but I'm still trying to finish the last one.  The new one is Our Living Bible--a big book with lots of pictures about the Bible.

Peonies are supposed to be moved in the fall but maybe it would be all right to move them in August.  That's when we'll be coming.  It would be nice to have a start of them.

I must stop for everyone is wanting supper.  Hope both of you are fine."

                            Lots of love,


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