Wednesday, July 2, 2014

May 12, 1963 Another Beautiful Day, Pretty Punk and How About a Nice Hawaiian Punch

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is another beautiful day, but chilly.  We have had real summer weather this week--just real hot, but the temperature dropped about 40° yesterday.

B got home last night about midnight.  The children stayed up & we met him at the airport.  He enjoyed the meeting & learned a lot but he said they kept the group (38 of them) so busy he didn't have any time to rest.  I had hoped he could find some time to catch up with some rest.  There was fog last Sunday morning so the plane to Chicago couldn't land in Bloomington & we had to take him to O'Hare field in Chicago.  I didn't like driving in Chicago but didn't have any trouble.  As soon as the plane took off we started home & were here about 12:30.  It seems as if he was gone a year & had to leave soon after 8:00 this morning for a student conference at the Lake.

Bob is going on a picnic with his French class and I am going to a luncheon so we all won't have any time to visit till supper.

Ann has been home with an earache & stiff neck.  She is fine today but has felt pretty punk most of the week.  I am making her another sundress & finished a button-down-the-front dress last Monday.  My button-holer won't work & one of my friends was going to give me hers but it wouldn't work on my machine. Both machines are Sears too, so you'd better try the one Aunt Nora gave you.  It may not fit.

Quill Club met here Thursday night & it was so hot.  We don't serve refreshments but I had some Hawaiian Punch & everyone appreciated it.

I wish I could get into your strawberry patch.  They are just coming into the stores & aren't very nice. We don't have much in the freezer yet.  I'm not going to fill it but will buy things on sale.

I'd love to see the dogwood festival.  We don't have much of it around here but there is redbud.

As You Like It Club had their spring luncheon Thursday but Ann was home so I cancelled my reservation.  The time is so long when you don't feel good & I hated to leave her alone.

I wish all of you could come to see us in Charlotte's new car but I guess Nobel would think it would take too long.  It seems that every one around here is getting a new car but I hope we wait a long time.  We'll be driving the oldest car on campus just as we were when we got this car but that doesn't bother me.

I hope both of you have a nice day tomorrow and that your package got there by now, Mother."

                              Lots of love,


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