Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 21, 1963 The Shoes, The Beautiful Setting, The Wonderful Time and The Rotten Drapes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm real glad Daddy liked the shoes and that they fit.  Bob liked them real well because they were so light.

B doesn't have his glasses yet.  He got a bill for them so he called again & they said the glasses had to come from the factory--whatever that means.

I haven't worked so hard this week but got a lot of little things done, too.  We're going after Ann tomorrow afternoon and I'll be so glad to have her home again. She got your letter & was real pleased about it.  We can't tell whether she's enjoying herself or not but I guess she is.  We went down for their concert last Saturday night & it was very good but it poured rain & the concert had to be moved inside. It is always outdoors & must be real special in that beautiful setting.  We stayed all night in a motel & came back Sunday afternoon.

Bob & Bruce had been having a wonderful time.  He got paid for working in the hay but had gone just for the fun of it.  Bob doesn't want to go with us tomorrow so I guess he'll stay here.  It is a five hour drive to DuQuoin (190 miles on a crooked road) so I don't blame him.  We're going to come right back after the concert which means it will be 2 or 3 in the morning but Ann can sleep & we won't try to get up in time for church Sunday.

I do hope Daddy feels better by now.  It would be nice if you could go to St. Louis with Beulah & Nobel.  I hope you can go.

I took my dining room drapes to the cleaners & they came apart they were so rotten.  They have been up since we moved into this house so have done real well but I hadn't planned on new ones now.  I hung them up so the windows don't look bare till I can decide what to do but haven't even looked at material yet.

We've been waiting three weeks or more for a kitchen faucet replacement from Wards & haven't had any hot water in the sink in that time.  The dishwasher works o.k. though.  This is the third faucet we've had in two years.  They sure aren't any good but are supposed to be Ward's best.

I can hardly stay awake so I guess I'll go take a nap.  Hope Daddy feels better & that you get to take the trip to Buddy's."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  Fear not, Egyptian Music Camp was plenty of fun.  DuQuoin, located in an area of Illinois known as "Little Egypt" had fabulous fair grounds and a race track.  During the daytime, rehearsals, lessons, etc. we were all pretty focused, hard-working and serious music students.  At night, it was a different story. There were closely chaperoned square dances--very square dances we thought, but fun enough.   There was a daily "Honor Roll" on which names would be posted for a variety of infractions.  Fortunately I only made it on the list a couple of times, and only for "Messy Quarters".  The camp had a great photography service, Kennedy Studios, and provided photos such as those above, to campers.  Since I don't expect readers to have a magnifying glass handy, I won't bother to identify myself.

For our night time listening many of us brought our own records.


  1. Still have messy quarters, from time to time.



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