Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 2, 1963 The Pool Opened, The Formal Didn't Fit, The Iris Are Blooming and Someone Has to Milk

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"At last we are having warm weather.  Decoration Day was a beautiful day & since the pool opened that day Ann went swimming.  B & I worked in the yard & just loafed.  Yesterday was so much like Monday everyone was mixed up.

I have been sewing on my lace dress & it is about done.  When it is finished I think we'll take the machine back to the basement & I'll start cleaning the house.  It really needs it but there are a lot of things I'd rather do.

The kids will be out of school Thursday.  Then we'll be taking Ann to camp on Sunday.  We finally ordered her a formal & it came this afternoon but she is swimming so hasn't seen it.  I hope she likes it for it will save me a lot of work.  It is white and real pretty.

B & I are going to a dinner tonight for a former member of the Teachers' College Board.  It is an appointed job & he has served for several years but was replaced this year.  He has been a fine man to work with so our school thought he should be honored.  I don't know whether anyone from the other colleges will be here or not.

Well,  Ann has come & we have tried the dress.  It is too big & no time to send it back to exchange.  It is too tight for me or I'd be tempted to keep it.  We'll have to shop for one Monday night & if we don't find one I'll have to make her one.

I wish you'd had some of the peonies for Memorial Day.  Part of them were frost bitten so the buds are brown but there are loads of others.  The last of the iris are blooming but there are only a few.  I trimmed the Paul Scarlet back so much last year I didn't think there would be any but there are some buds now.

Bob is still practicing his golf & gave me a few lessons the other evening.  Now I have some sore muscles.  I guess it shows how lazy some of my muscles are.

I suppose someone does have to milk but I'd think all of you would want to see Charlotte graduate.  I'd sure like to.  I hope she likes the little present I sent.  I didn't want to send her money for it would soon be gone & I wanted to give her something she could keep.

Put your old dresses in a box or bag & I'll bring them back for the Salvation Army if you want to get rid of them.

I have to get the kids some supper & get dressed to go to school so I'd better stop.  Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


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