Monday, July 7, 2014

June 15, 1963 Imagine the Fun, Leaving After Lunch and Glasses from Scratch

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Tomorrow is Dad's Day and I hope Daddy has his package & they fit.  If not, send them back & I'll change them.  I hope it will be a real nice day for you both.  I meant to get this written about Wed. but haven't done a thing but work in the dining room.  It is all nice & clean--except for the floor, windows & drapes.  I took the paper off, gave the ceiling two coats of paint & the woodwork one.  Then put on the new paper which I bought last winter.  The paper has a wide pattern & the walls aren't plumb so you can imagine the fun I had.  I'm glad it's done but I'm glad I don't have to do anymore.  I hated to lay the rug & put the furniture back before I cleaned & waxed the floor but didn't want to go over the weekend with everything in such a mess.  The week was one day short for me.  Maybe it is a good thing I had to quit for I don't know when I've been so tired.  Painting isn't nearly so hard as hanging paper.

B & I are leaving right after lunch for DuQuoin to hear the concert at camp tonight.  Bob doesn't want to go so Bruce is going to stay with him.  We'll come home tomorrow afternoon.  The boys will help Bruce's Dad bale hay this afternoon & then have the rest of the time to do as they please.

Next week I hope to do a little writing.  My article was about parents' part in piano lessons.  Bob's first piano teacher at Wesleyan wrote me a lovely letter about it & Ann's teacher called me about it.  They were both so pleased that I guess I really was paid for it in a way.

B's glasses haven't come.  He wanted sunglasses for Dad's day & so won't have anything tomorrow.  I told him they must have started those glasses from scratch.

We are about ready to leave so will say bye for now."

                   Lots of love,


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