Wednesday, July 16, 2014

August 21, 1963 The Camping Trip, The Two Pies, The Plant Stand and The Wooden Bowl

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm at the cleaners with some drapes so I'll do this while they go thru the machines.  I've been doing Ann's skirts & some fall clothes this week so I'll have that much done.  We are getting our things together for our camping trip & hope the weather won't be too cold.  It has been real cold here for part of the week but is warmer now during the day.  We've even had the furnace on.

We are still eating tomatoes.  I made two pies out of some of the apples & they were delicious.  They seem fine so I guess they will keep o.k. till we get home from our trip.  The pears are getting ripe but they are terribly sour.  The little watermelon was delicious.  The seeds sure are little--much smaller than in the other little melons we've had.

The plant stood the trip fine.  I thought it would be ruined by the wind after we had to open the car windows but it wasn't hurt a bit.  In fact, I think it looks better than it did for the leaves seemed to spread out into a prettier shaped plant.  I put the plant stand beside the organ & put a tall vase of philadendron on it.  It looks real pretty there & certainly makes that corner look better.  I don't remember whether I even thanked Daddy for making it or not--but I am proud of it.  I haven't done anything to the wooden bowl yet except to use it. Some friends gave us a lot of corn so I cut it off the cob in that bowl.  It was real nice to use & I'm about to decide not to do a thing to the inside of it.

We haven't heard from Bob but I know they are having a great time unless it has rained & been too cold.  Even then the kids could have fun together.

Ann had a nice birthday.  She had apple pie instead of a cake, & chicken & dumplings.  That was what she wanted for supper.  Polly gave her a little silver cross necklace.  I don't think she has had it off. Polly is gone on a vacation like most everyone else around here. Things are pretty quiet all over town.

Ann & the birthday bike

We had a card from Sorensens.  They were in Helsinki for the Lutheran Conference.

I think it would be nice if you & Aunt Beatrice went to Aunt Jane's but I think it would depend upon how she (Aunt Jane) feels when the time comes.

We'll probably write cards next week.  We won't know exactly where we'll be but if you needed us you should call Art Larsen & he'll find us.  You can call him at I.S.N.U.  The number is 453-2261 or at his home 829-6980.  We'll be somewhere in Door County, Wisconsin.

I completely forgot the old clothes for the mission until we were almost to Bloomington last week.  If you don't give them away before Xmas I'll bring them then if you'll remind me.  I won't mind a bit.

Hope you both are feeling fine.  Write your letters as usual and we'll have them when we get home. We have to be back by Sept. 5 so Bob can register for school."

                              Lots of love,


NOTE:  Our mom referred to the wooden bowl as her "Grandma's biscuit bowl".  Our granddad made several plant stands so that each of us had one.  I am very fond of both of these keepsakes.

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  1. Gosh, we are into every day objects (for us) now. I see these things every day, as they aren't just stored. So I think we are recording stuff that means something to me in the immediate sense, though it was over 50 years ago.

    Bob K


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