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January 5, 1963 The Golf Clubs, The Ice Skates, The Berries and The Smoking, Stinking Mice

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It seems months since we were home.  I've been trying to get the Xmas stuff put away but there are still books, ribbon and stuff in the study.  All of us have been enjoying our new Christmas presents.  Bob and his friends have been playing golf in the basement and it has been real cold so Ann has been skating a lot.  On our way home Bob was wishing it would warm up so he could play in the yard and Ann wanted it to be blue-cold so the ice-skating would be good. Bob tried golfing in the snow but quit when he lost a ball.

We ate the beet pickles (all of them) three suppers in a row but I saved the juice and put more beets in and they should be good now.  The berries you gave us were raspberries and not blackberries.  They were really good.  Some friends came to see the organ Thurs. night and I had 4 little pieces of fruitcake left.  I was really glad I had it and may get one just to put away for spur-of-the-moment things like that.

One afternoon I looked at sale coats but didn't find one I really wanted so still haven't bought one.  I may look again but won't get one unless I think it's a good buy.

New Year's Eve we went to a party that Larsens and another couple gave.  We went for dinner and stayed to see the New Year come in on T.V.   After dinner we sat around and talked and the time really went fast.  Edna and Woody came down and everyone was glad to see them.  They said they were lonesome for their friends and I think Edna really is.

Bob stayed all night with a bunch of other boys and Polly stayed with Ann. They were still awake when we got home.

Thursday afternoon I went to the "As You Like It" Club I told you about.  The book review was real good and I'd like to read the book, "The Dean's Watch".  I think you'd like it, too.

Ann is going to have braces, too.  We went to the dentist yesterday and he said her teeth are pushing out as Bob's did but not as bad, of course.  He took an impression and x-rays and B & I go this afternoon for a conference after he examines them.  I dread going thru it all again but I don't want Ann to have an ugly mouth, either, besides the troubles that dentist's claim are caused by poorly aligned teeth.  There goes carpet and dining room furniture, I guess.

We have a cage of white mice in our basement now.  The boys smoke them up every day.  I had supposed the boys had brought them all down here and got a scare when I saw only three in the cage. Malcolm kept half of them at his house. That helps a little but I'm till not very happy about the stinking things.

I tried Charlotte's pattern on some old material but it was too big on me.  I couldn't possibly use it so I mailed it back.  I want to do some sewing but there are so many other things that have to be done I can't get to it.  One evening last week I started working on my lunch cloth but haven't even finished one flower yet.  It will probably take me a year to do it.

We got up late and things are in a mess so I'd better do something about it.  B is working in the office this morning.  He's trying to get the school catalog finished and that's a terrific job.

Hope you both are fine.  My big plant looks like it belonged in the planter you gave me.  I just put pot & all in it and it's fine.  I still wish I had that Bird of Paradise.  I sure like the base Daddy made.  It is so easy to move."

                              Lots of love,


NOTE:  For a review of The Dean's Watch;

About the mice:  Our mom had to write a note giving Bob permission to buy cigarettes at the neighborhood store for his research.  With mice as the subjects, he and a friend began to experiment.  In the next few days, the results will be posted. So stayed tuned!


  1. Hi Ann I can remember my sister and I having various mouse families when we were kids. In more recent times my daughter had a rat. Affectionate little thing but it always bothered me when she would let it walk across her shoulders and through her hair.

  2. That's so neat that you had mice for pets and that your own daughter had a rat. Mom really didn't like any rodents, but like most kids, Bob and I loved any animal. I never minded handling and feeding the white rats in the lab in grad. school and some students would agree that they were really affectionate. I don't mind them now just so I know where they are. No surprises please. Thanks for sharing your story!


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