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January 25, 1963 10 Below and Mild, A Slow Leak, Tired of Waiting and Getting the Potatoes Going

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"For some reason or other I've been a day ahead all week and still thought it was Friday when I got my paper out to write.  The semester is over today for Bob & exams ended yesterday in the college.  Bob doesn't have to go to school tomorrow or Monday and Ann will have Monday off.  We have a dental appointment for both of them so Monday will be busy, anyway.  Bob gets his braces off Monday morning.  The dentist will have to make a retainer for him to wear at night for awhile so we'll go back late Mon. for that.  I don't know what he'll do for Ann but probably start putting wires on.

This has been a terrible week as far as the weather goes.  It started with a big snow Sat. and it has been 18 below several nights.  It got to 10 above today and B says it actually felt mild.

He had to drive over 100 miles north to make a talk one afternoon this week and it was storming terribly but he didn't have any trouble.  The school called to tell him the best way to come and I was disappointed when they didn't call it off. But he went and it was all right.  Schools are closed in so many places.

We had a frozen drain upstairs & thought it was o.k. but we must have a slow leak somewhere upstairs for the paint is peeling off two places on the kitchen ceiling.  That means it will have to be painted this spring.

I hope Daddy is all right by now.  He'd better stay out of the shop when the weather is cold.  It may be warm down there but the heat isn't even & I'm sure the floor is cold.

Ann's arm seems fine.  She says it is still a little sore if she presses on it.  I had the nurse excuse her from gym this week for I didn't see any use in her taking a chance that she'd hurt it again.  It has been too cold to skate and Polly has been sick.  They'll go some more when it gets a little warmer.  Bob is still having fun with the golf clubs and played in the snow till it got too deep.  We finally got the binoculars so he is happy.

The boys really had a good time.  I fed them blueberry pancakes for breakfast & they were still here at lunch so we had hamburgers.  I didn't get a thing done but cater to them but really didn't expect to.

B has to go to a church board meeting tonight.  They are opening the bids for the building & I hope & pray they will be within our means so they can start work on it.  I'm so tired of this waiting.

I went to the Pen Women luncheon last Sunday but sure wanted to stay home when we had so much snow & it was so cold.  The speaker was very good & is a local man I did not know.   He writes science fiction & has published 16 of the 19 books he has written.  He wants to write a novel but can't have any luck with them.

B will soon be home so I'd better get the potatoes going.  The kids had a little thank-you note from Mike, David & Patti today.  It was real cute but I don't know which of the boys wrote it.

Hope you both are fine by now."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  If interested, see below for a few of Ike's opinions, featured in Look, January 26, 1963.

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