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January 19, 1963 The Birthday, The Sling, The Babies and The Breakfast

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B has gone to the office and Ann has gone to a ball game but Bob and his friends aren't up yet.  He had three boys spend the night here and two of them are awake and trying to wake the others.  It was a big birthday for Bob.

Bob & John B.

Malcolm (the other mouse parent) and Bob
He was happy with the money and accumulated quite a bit.  He sends his thanks but I should make him write a letter.  The boys came from school at 3:00 and they have had such a good time.  We fixed their beds in the basement so they watched a late movie and finally went to bed about 1:30.  For some reason, it's a real treat to see that late movie and stay up late.

Bonnie takes the cake

Bob wanted binoculars for his birthday but the ones he wanted were out of stock so he's having to wait for them.  He thinks he'll use them so much in his summer science classes.  Ann got him a new robe and I bought a piece of cotton flannel to sew his Scout patches on so that was it but he didn't care. Another sign he's growing up.

Chip and Ann

Ann fell in gym early in the week and the nurse was afraid she had broken her arm when she called me. We went to the Dr. and he sent us to the hospital for an x-ray but everything was all right, thank goodness.  He said she pulled a ligament so she has had her arm in a sling all week.  It is much better and she could practice piano with both hands yesterday.

I'm like Charlotte & Jerry about the farm.  They have put too much of themselves into it and besides, finding another & moving--it makes me tired to think of it.

Bob's babies are doing fine.  All of the children say they are so cute now that they are covered with white fur but I haven't looked at them.  I wish I wasn't so silly about it but I sure don't like them.  The science teacher at Ann's school said he would take them when they are weaned.  That should be before long.  They mature in 2 months and I told the boys they had to be rid of them before then.

We had a frozen drain upstairs one morning when it was 10 below but we don't know just where for we couldn't tell.  Since then we've left a trickle of water running when it gets that cold and everything has been fine.

We go to potluck tonight and I take the bread and relishes which is pretty easy.  I usually make rolls because some of the others don't (they claim they can't) but I think I'll get some French bread and heat that.

It is snowing like fury so I guess we're in for a storm.  We really haven't had much snow but enough to keep streets slippery.

Ann hasn't been able to sew all week with her arm hurt so she'll have to finish her home ec. projects at home probably.  They will soon be having art instead but the teacher said she would count projects they do at home.

Bob is calling so I guess they are ready for some breakfast.  Hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


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