Sunday, June 15, 2014

January 12, 1963 A Taste of Spring, Vacation Suggestions and 20 Baby Mice

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B left this paper out and I'll just use it even if it is short.  He has been working every night on the new school catalog and that's a chore.

We have had a taste of spring but today is real winter again with ice, wind & snow.  Wednesday was so beautiful I felt like I ought to be cleaning up the yard and planting seeds.

B and I have to give a program for a church supper tonight so we've been working on that.  We were pretty aggravated about it for we weren't even asked and they simply put our name down for this program.  We sorted out slides of things to see in America and thought we could make some vacation suggestions that way.

Bob told you about the experiment with mice that he and Malcolm are doing, I think.  They had bought male mice--they thought.  Now Malcolm has 9 baby mice & Bob has 11.  I thought it was a good joke on the boys but Malcolm's mother didn't think it was so funny.

The stores are all having sales but they really don't have many bargains unless you watch what you are buying.  I did find a piece of green wool for 96¢ a yard and made a dress this week.  It sure is a cheap dress but I'm real pleased with the way it looks.

Ann has to have her mouth x-rayed this afternoon and then pictures taken tomorrow.  These are very interesting to see when the teeth are all finished.  We looked at Bob's x-rays and impressions that were made when he first started and they still make me sick to look at them.  I'm so thankful we had his teeth fixed and just hope we are doing the right thing for Ann's, too.

Our book club met Monday morning and I went to Quill Club last night.  I just hate to go out at night when it is cold but some of the members work & can't meet in the daytime.  I haven't had time to do any writing since Xmas but maybe I will one of these days.  Going to Quill Club keeps me interested in it, anyway.

Granny Watterson has gone to Arizona.  I believe she went the day it was so warm so I guess she left just in time.

I have to fix some meat for that church supper tonight so I'd better get busy. Seems like the time goes so fast."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  Have a Look to see what JFK had to say.


  1. More on the mouse project. My friend Mark Ross and I did a smoking project. We bought mice- all supposed to be male but we both had some females who delivered. Anyway we had 1/2 of them passively smoke and 1/2 not and weighed them each day. The smoking mice weighed less. Also some of the smoking mice died suddenly. It turns out that mice are extra sensitive to nicotine and may die of seizures. We also found some mice were sensitive to high pitched noise and would convulse and die if we made too much noise such as jangling keys. Another well known phenomenon but not to us. It was quite a productive project.

  2. Thanks, Bob! More to come about the mice!


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