Tuesday, June 10, 2014

December 1, 1961 Almost Christmas, All Flustered, No Sweet No Salt, A Lot of Damage and Small Stuff

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm going to try and write my letter on time this week.  Today is such a beautiful day--like early spring. It doesn't seem that it is almost Christmas time.  I get all flustered when I think about Xmas for I don't have any ideas of gifts for anyone and not much time to think them up.  I bought a few cards but haven't nearly enough.

Ann stayed home from school one day with a sore throat and addressed her cards but Bob hasn't give it a thought yet.

I had Quill Club here last night so cleaned my house yesterday morning.  Today, I've been washing windows and waxing the kitchen floor because the Book Club meets here for coffee Monday morning. The house shows up dirtier when the sun is shining but I sure like for the sun to shine.

I'm glad Daddy feels better.  Did the Dr. put him on a permanent no sweet, no salt diet or is that just till he feels better.

We had a fire at school this week in the auditorium where we've been having church.  Now we'll have church in another place until the place is fixed again.  The fire started in the wiring some place and did a lot of damage.  It is a new building.

We are still waiting for bids for our church.  I just can't understand why everything takes so much time. Our job is probably small stuff to the builders but it is important to us and I wish they'd move a little faster.  B has bids from 4 organ companies but I doubt if we have money to get an organ, too.

I have started Ann a Christmas dress but haven't sewed a stitch yet.  It is red cotton brocade and very nice material.  I hope it will be pretty when it is finished.  It is pinned together.  She has the pants finished to her pajamas she's making at school but I haven't seen them.  She says they are real cute.  Her teacher makes them do things differently from the way I'd teach but I guess it is all right.  I'd make them baste myself but they just pin, sew and then rip out and start again.

I wish I knew something you and Daddy would like for Xmas.  Do you have some ideas?  Is there a tool Daddy would like?

B has an all-day meeting tomorrow and I'm going to a luncheon.  I never like to go to things on Saturday.

I  had better get cleaned up a bit.  We want to have an early supper so I can go to the grocery store before B goes to a meeting tonight.  Seems like everything has to be sandwiched between meetings all of the time.

Hope you both are feeling fine."

                    Lots of love,


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