Friday, May 30, 2014

September 15, 1962 Basketball But No Football, High Time and Wonderful Rain

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B has gone to school and the kids aren't up yet.  They have been having to get up earlier so I guess they are catching up.  B is going in a run and comes home pretty tired.  They have about 6000 students this year & the problems of getting them all in classes they want get bigger all the time.  B or Dean Larsen need to approve every schedule and it has been terrible the last two days because so many classes fill in a hurry.

Bob is quite thrilled with high school and went to the their first football game last night.  He had wanted to play football but didn't know practice started early & didn't show up, of course.  He really didn't seem to care and I'm so glad.  I wouldn't tell him he couldn't play but I hope he never does.  It is so rough.  The basketball is all right but no football.

Ann's new teacher is starting out by putting them to work & I hope he keeps it up.   She has never really learned how to study so it's high time.

We have had some wonderful rain since we were in Richland and our yard is real green and needs mowing.  I keep hoping to do a little cleaning up in the flower beds but never get to it.

I've sewed most of this week and my suit is about done.  Sewing has never made me nervous before but that suit just about got me down.  The lining has to be put in the jacket & the skirt hemmed.  I hope it looks right after all the time I've put on it.

I found some gold corduroy on sale so covered all the pillows I had to put in the basement--even those round ones you gave me a long time ago.  I didn't do too good a job but they look pretty against the brown slipcovers.

I finally got Ann's skirts all fixed for her to wear.  We have a self-service dry cleaning place here & I cleaned 8 of her skirts & some of my dresses for $2.00.   I'm going to take my bedroom drapes there when I get to it.

I forgot to look at Margaret's love seat when we were home & meant to.  Did you like it & did the finish come out to suit Daddy?

We had a card from Bessie, too.  I know she is having a wonderful time in Hawaii.

I must stop & get a few things done.  I want to take Ann to get shoes this afternoon if she'll go.  She always hates to take time from play but she sure needs shoes."



NOTE:  Fear not, I learned how to study, and as Mom predicted, I eventually "got serious" about school.  I did consider studying an interruption to "play".            

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