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May 20, 1962 The Brunch, The Sun Bath, The Organ, The Kitten and The Potato Salad

Look, May 22, 1962

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm waiting for my ride to a brunch and I'll start this but won't get far because Ann keeps talking. 

Well, I gave it up & now the day is almost gone.  I was home by noon.  Then we cleaned out a closet and put some winter clothes away.

It has really been hot this week but our house never gets too bad.  I've been wanting to take some sun baths all spring but now the sun is so hot I can't stay out but a few minutes.  There isn't much time to be out anyway.  I did manage to pull a few weeds this afternoon & feel a hundred years old now.

Ladies Home Journal, June, 1962
Dick Larsen had supper with us last night.  He's getting along fine without his folks but I know he'll be glad when they get home.  We have heard from them several times and they are having a wonderful time.  We'll be glad when they get back.  Then B can let up on the work a little.

We really enjoyed having B's mom here.  Sunday was a real nice day and the ride to Decatur was nice.  We stopped at a big shopping center on our way home just for fun.  So we killed most of the afternoon loafing.  That evening we ordered the organ so now we can hardly wait till it comes.  We still haven't decided on the finish so didn't order the cabinet.

B presided at the faculty dinner which honored the retiring faculty.  He did a nice job & got lots of compliments.  It was a real nice affair.

My iris are beautiful but I miss a few kinds.  Last year I cleaned the beds out & threw a lot away because I simply couldn't get them moved.  I thought I'd saved the choice ones.  I gave some away so maybe I can get a piece of them again.

8th grade graduation picture

Ann's kitten got killed but we don't know how.  I guess a car hit it but you couldn't tell.  A neighbor found it & told me so I went after it.  He was real cute but too friendly & would not stay at home.

We meant to send you the picture last week but forgot it.  We almost didn't get one since the kids began trading & Bob had promised more than he had.

Our church has voted to rebuild the old one & add an education wing.  The plans are tentative but were suggested by the architect that came here from the national office.  We will have to have a local architect take them over.  Some of us are going to visit other churches tomorrow afternoon to look at their education buildings for ideas.

Bob's room visited the high school one day last week.  He has had his tests too and made real good scores.  School will soon be out and it certainly will seem strange for him to be in high school.

Come over & we'll have potato salad.  We haven't had any in a long time & I thought it would be good tonight.

Hope you both are fine."

                              Lots of love,


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