Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 11, 1962 The Quill Club, The Library Dinner, The Kitten, The Braces, The Cypress Knee and Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I've been wishing you were both coming to see us tomorrow too.  We plan to drive to Decatur tomorrow afternoon to meet Harrolds.  We had another wind & rainstorm this evening but I hope the sun shines tomorrow.  B wanted to mow the lawn tonight but didn't get at it in time before the storm started.  I hope the iris aren't spoiled by the hail.  They have started blooming & look so pretty.

I have been to Quill Club tonight--the first time in a long time.  B & I went to a library dinner last night.  It seems like there is something everyday.  I had company (just friends to visit) all day Monday & didn't get a thing done that day.  I finally gave up on my ironing & put the ironing board away. 

The kitten is just fine & cute as can be.  He stayed away one whole day & Ann was just sick about it but she found him at the neighbors across the street.  Since then she hasn't worried so much if he strays off.  She snorted when I said we could bring it to your house.  I guess we're stuck with it.

I didn't get through The Making of a President but I hope I will find time to read it after the other club members finish it.  The author did win a Pulitzer Prize & it certainly is a good book.

Bob has all the braces on his teeth now.  The dentist worked about 2 hrs. on him Tuesday.  His mouth is terribly sore but his appetite is pretty good.  He didn't want to take his lunch today, though.  The boys are through with shop & are having some Home Ec.   He laughs at the things they are doing (making toast, cocoa & such) at first.  That's old stuff to him but they will do harder things before school is out.  He is still working in the shop at noon & is making a lamp out of a cypress knee we got in Florida last year.

It's my bedtime so I'd better say bye.  Your package is on its way, Mother, & I hope you both have a wonderful Mother's Day."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  I really wish we still had the cypress knee lamp.  It looked great in the basement and that was definitely the place for it. 

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