Wednesday, May 7, 2014

March 31, 1962 The Tulips, The Basement, The Larsens and The Willow Tree

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had a few nice days & the weather keeps trying to warm-up.  The tulips really grow when the sun comes out.

We keep working at the basement but can't tell we get much done because we haven't put anything down there yet.  The places that got wet have smoothed out & we won't have to do anything to it now.  We haven't had time or the weather hasn't been fit for us to get dirt to put around the foundation so there isn't any use to do anything else until that is done.  We haven't had any more water although we did have another rain.  I finished covering the couch cushions & it does look nice.  There is a built-in table at one end of the couch and we put ceramic tile on that so it would be waterproof.  The kids have all the paint off the couch arms in the study from setting pop bottles & glasses on it.  B hopes to get a little of the wiring done this afternoon so we can put the T.V. down there.  He doesn't have time to do anything much at home.  He is interviewing a man for a job this morning.  I still haven't got all the mastic off the floor.  The men cleaned it off but there are some places where it is smeared & grey looking.  I want to clean it all & wax it before anything is taken down.

Larsens leave tomorrow for two months in Europe.  It is their first time for a trip so they are excited.  She has never been on a plane or ship.  B will do Art's work at school and help their son take care of bills & such.  Dick will live in a dormitory while they are gone.  He is a sophomore at I.S.N.U.  They all came over Thurs. evening & went over details so B will be looking after Dick while they're gone.

We had to cut the willow tree down.  The roots went into a neighbors sewer so it had to come out.  Bob didn't really seem to mind too much and cut it down himself.  It was a beautiful tree and the place looks so bare but there wasn't anything else to do. 

I hope Daddy is better.  Did the Dr. call it a kidney infection?  There are so many new viruses it seems.  Ann is sick again but better today.  She went back to school last Monday and was sick again Thursday night.  I called the Dr. and we are giving her some strong sulfa pills around the clock.  I hope this will end it once & for all.

Bob's friend broke his arm & is in the hospital.  Bob wants to go see him today but I'm not sure they'll let children come in.

I had a letter from Granny Watterson.  She is still in Arizona & is fine--doesn't even mention coming home.

Hope you both are feeling fine now."

                             Lots of love,


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