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March 17, 1962 The Basement, The Potluck, The Dinner Party and The Mississippi River Program

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a beautiful day but a chilly one.  It is the first real nice day we have had in weeks.  Maybe spring is not so far off after all.

The men finished their work in the basement on Thursday.  That was only 8 days.  It is such a pretty room--really like two rooms for they made a partial partition to cover up the posts.  B is finishing some of the woodwork this afternoon.  The paneling was pre-finished but all the molding has to be sealed & finished and there are lots of nail holes to fill.  I ordered foam cushions for the built-in couch but they were back-ordered so we'll have to wait for them.  B painted the blocks one night -- sort of a soft pumpkin color--not orange but closest to it if anything.  I had a piece of heavy material I brought from Japan that I'm using for curtains.  It is brown and yellow & orange.  I have them cut and part of them pinned.

We have potluck here next Sat. night and I'd like to have the curtains up.

Daddy had better watch out for kidney infections.  Our Dr. has been in the hospital with the same thing.  We are all fine except Ann.  She has another sore throat.  Poor little kid has had so many colds & sore throats this winter.

Bob's room went on a field trip to a power plant all day yesterday.  They had a good time & then he stayed all night with a friend.

Ladies Home Journal, March, 1962

I guess I told you about the dinner party we're giving tonight for Larsens.  We & another couple have invited 28 people.  We've worked most all week on it.  I'll be glad when it is over.

Tomorrow will be another full day.  There is a Pen Women meeting at 12:30 and we're going to a tea at 2:30.  We had planned to go to a program in the evening--on the Mississippi River--but with Ann sick B will probably take Bob & I'll stay home.

I must stop & get the curlers out of my hair.  It will be time to dress before I know it."

                          Lots of love,


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