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June 9, 1962 The University Graduation, The 8th Grade Graduation, The Recital, The Dinner Party, The Prom and The Eagle Ceremony

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This paper is already out so I'll just use it and write while it is quiet.  The kids are still asleep.  They have had so much extra this week they need some rest.  We are all about worn out but should find time to rest more next week.

It has been raining so graduation will have to be in the gym.  Everyone hates that for it gets hot and the seniors can have only three guests.  No one else can go because there isn't room.

B plans to come home after the graduation and have the rest of the day free.  He is so tired.  Larsens are home so things will ease off now.

This has really been a week to top them all.  Ann's recital was Sunday and she played real well.  It was in one of the University buildings so we had the big concert grand piano for the children to use.  It was very nice.  We came home from that, got dressed up again and went to the high school senior reception. 

Our book club met Monday morning but everyone was in a hurry so none of us stayed long for that.  Still we had to clean up & it always cuts into the day when you have to go anywhere.  I did get caught up on my ironing by Wednesday this week, which was something.

Bob's room had their big 8th grade dinner party Tuesday night.  The mothers always help but someone took pity on me & didn't even ask me so we just took Bob over & then went after him.  Some of the kids had dates but he wasn't interested and we certainly didn't suggest it.

His Eagle ceremony was Wed. night.  That was really a nice affair.  We were so proud of him and he has had so many letters about it.  There was a big crowd there and so many people that weren't invited have mentioned it to us and think it was such an honor.  His report was really special and if he does as well in high school he will come out with flying colors.  People have been piling compliments on him but he takes it all so calmly.  He even had compliments on his red coat.  I think I told you he wanted that instead of a suit.

Thurs. afternoon was Bob's graduation.  It was different from ours.  They don't get diplomas but it is more of a happy program.  The children gave 2 plays and sang.  It was real nice.  That night was the high school class night & that is a program too.  At the end, the seniors march out & the next year's seniors move into their seats.  Each class moves up and then the new freshmen march in and are given a rousing welcome by everyone.  Afterwards there is an all school party.  It was the first time Bob had ever really been out on his own.  He & his chemistry pal went over with us but they came home alone.  They had a good time. 

Yesterday we helped with the Senior reception almost all afternoon, got home in time to go to a dinner at the Lutheran Church for Sorensens and then came home about 10:00 and put on evening clothes and went to the Senior Prom.  We didn't stay long but had to show up anyway.

Ann's report wasn't as good as I'd liked it to be but she will probably do like Bob & really get serious about school next year.  She is so restless but I guess it is part of growing up.

The organ parts are all here.  We checked the list while we waited for Bob to get home from the party but that's all we've done.  B thinks it will be quite a job but I think he's anxious to get started.  The instructions are a mile long but he hopes to read them this weekend.

Bob's having a pizza party tonight so I'd better get going.  Things are in sort of a mess."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  I was shocked to look at my report card and see that I had missed 27 days of school; some due to chronic sore throats, many due to good old-fashioned schoolitis!  My best memory of 6th grade was of the day the school year ended. 

Dad and Bob began building a full-sized, concert organ in the study.  What arrived was nothing that looked like an organ at all, but boxes of wires, circuits, and thousands of tiny parts.  It was, and is still, inconceivable to me that such a magnificent instrument could be created at home. 

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