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June 30, 1962 Writing, Poking Around, Making Some Sun Dresses, Crossing the Mississippi and Standing In the Receiving Line

Bad ideas from Woman's Day, July, 1962
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't much news to write this week.  It is so hot the kids have gone to the pool almost every day.  The mornings are longer since we have to get up earlier to get Bob to school at 7:30.  I've been spending some time writing every morning while it's cool.  Then I poke around the rest of the day doing my work.  But that's the only way I get any writing done & I don't have so much extra running around to do now.

I've made Ann some sun dresses this week, too.  The waist was too short on her embroidered gingham dress so I re-cut the top and put straps on it.  It looks real cute and the dress will last awhile longer.

We took a nice trip to Nauvoo, Ill. last Sunday to see where the Mormons started.  It was real interesting.  Then we crossed the Mississippi and drove in Iowa awhile on the way home.

We are planning to go to Chicago tomorrow and probably stay till Sunday evening.  We'll go to some museums and book stores and just look around.

We haven't any idea how long it will take to finish the organ.  B has a lot of it done but still there is a lot to do.  He says it will take a long, long time to wire the parts into the console.  The consoles are made after they are ordered so we haven't had any word that it is shipped yet.  Both the legs & the top come off the piano but the turn in the hall is so short the piano wouldn't go thru.  We had an awful time with the couch when we moved it out.

I hope Daddy's pants weren't too long.  I don't know why they all had an extra half inch on the sizes.  They are supposed to be washable.  I said there weren't any tags to say so & the clerk said it was on the bags they came in. 

We had to stand in the receiving line at a reception for summer faculty Wed. afternoon.  The room was air conditioned so it wasn't so bad.

Hope you both are fine.  Don't get too much sun & get too hot."

                             Lots of love,


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