Monday, May 19, 2014

June 24, 1962 A Sizzler, Bob Enjoys High School, 635 Girls and Not Much News

Dear Mother & Daddy,

Today has really been a sizzler.  It sprinkled a tiny bit but no more and we need rain terribly. 

Bob is really enjoying his first high school classes but he is really working, too.  It still leaves him plenty of time to swim and play.  Ann will have her last piano lesson on Tues. till next fall.  She just won't practice and wants to do so many other things.

There has been a conference of the Future Homemakers girls on campus this week.  B had to greet them when their meeting opened and then we went to their banquet Friday night.  They are all high school girls--635 of them.  They looked like flowers with their pastel dresses.

We still haven't solved the piano problem but have decided we can't get it in the study.  It's too big to make the short turn.

The organ is coming along fine but B thinks we may be short some certain screws or something like that.  He's been looking all evening & hasn't found them yet.  We got a box of tubes the other day & think they are extra parts.  There are so many parts I don't see how they ever get it all together in the mail.  We'll have to write about the things and will send the tubes back if they are extra.

There isn't much to write this week so I hope you both are fine.  It's my bedtime, too."

                        Lots of love,


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