Friday, May 16, 2014

June 2, 1962 Chilly, Beautiful, Fine and Thrilled

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is so chilly we have the windows all shut.  There have been real warm days but a nice breeze and it is always a surprise to feel the chill when we go out.  Decoration Day was a beautiful day.  We worked all day though.  B waxed the car and I sewed.

I have made myself a dress and slip and Ann a dress this week in between other things.  Ann's recital for the end of the year is tomorrow afternoon and I had promised a dress.  It is a cute cotton and she's happy with it and it was worth the extra effort to do it. 

My dress is a sheer dinner dress and rather plain but was hard to make because of a scalloped neckline.  It all had to be basted and that is so slow.

We went to a luncheon and a library conference at school today & tonight we're going to the Athletic Club dinner.

We are all fine but tired.  Ann is o.k.  She had another sore throat that kept her home a few days.  I have made an appointment for her regular physical exam that she has to have for school every 2 years and I'm going to ask them about the tonsils.

All of Bob's room at school went to Chicago for their end of school trip.  Ann's room will go to the park for a picnic next week.  Some of the other rooms have taken trips but Ann's teacher doesn't like to take them out of town.

The organ hasn't come.  Every time I hear a truck I stop to listen to see if it is coming here.  We haven't had any time anyway.

I wouldn't worry too much about my clothes if I were you & could go to Patty's wedding.  No one would be looking at anyone but the bride.

The birds do like the rain after a dry spell.  I was watering the grass one day & started out to turn off the hose but two robins were enjoying the spray so much I left it on and watched them.  They really pranced and danced.

Bob went to the dentist again yesterday and the dentist told him his teeth were really coming along fast.  He is about through with the lower ones and they may all be finished by next fall.  The spaces where the teeth were pulled are filled in now by the teeth that have moved back.

I had my hair cut & got a permanent yesterday.  It should be easier to take care of now.

I hope you both are fine.  Bob and Ann were both thrilled with the dollars.  Maybe they'll get around to writing you a letter one of these days.  They run around about as much as we do."

                            Lots of love,



  1. Hi Ann I read your post and thought who in the world are B.Bumble and The Stingers? As soon as I played the video I knew the music right away.

  2. Not exactly memorable were they? Ha! I'm sure at the time I thought this piece was really terrific--not so much now!


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