Wednesday, May 21, 2014

July 8, 1962 A Dish of Blackberries, Three Pans of Apricots, The New Toilets and No Ambition

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been so hot we've all been about to cook.  We did have some rain last weekend which livened things up again.

We went to Chicago and really had a good time.  It was cool up there the whole time and that helped.  On Saturday we shopped around a bit but didn't buy much except some books.  We spent most of Sunday in the museums and got home about suppertime.

I wish I had a dish of your fresh blackberries.  Bob picked 3 pans of apricots next door and I fixed some of them with sugar.  They are sure good and I should fix the rest but haven't yet.

I'm sure glad Beulah has her bathroom finished & I know they are enjoying it.  We have a new toilet, too but not because we wanted it.  Ours just broke one day & water flew all over.  It couldn't be fixed so we went to Sears & B put in a new one.  It has a lower flush box so now the wall has to be painted.  We had talked about fixing up the bathroom some way & now we have to.  I had wanted to paper it with wall-tex but it costs so much that I guess we'll just paint again. 

Ladies Home Journal, June, 1962
When it is this hot I don't have any ambition to do anything.  B starts his vacation today so maybe we'll get some things done.  Ann spends every afternoon at the pool & is so tanned her skin looks like leather.  Unless

something comes up at school for the kids we will be home next weekend.  We'll leave here right after lunch Friday and see you about 8:00 probably.  We'll eat our supper on the way.  Then we'll start back right after lunch Sunday.  It isn't long but I guess it's all we can do with the kids in school.  Will you call B's mom & tell her we're coming?  B wrote his letter before we really decided so she won't know.  I'll try to write Beulah a card.

Hope you both are fine."

                 Lots of love,


NOTE:  Not long ago I drove from Normal to Chicago on old Rt. 66, a very familiar path.  The extra time it took weaving through small, rural Illinois farm communities was well worth it.

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