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February 25, 1962 Margaret Mead's Talk, The Home Ec. Senior Dinner, Mrs. Kennedy's White House Tour and John Glenn's Historic Flight

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's about bedtime but the day has gone so fast I didn't get my letter written.  B went to school and worked this morning and Bob had the last basketball game for the season.  It took me almost all day to sweep--especially with Ann around all day.  Then I had some company which made supper late.

I got a permanent yesterday morning and went to a lecture at school in the afternoon.  Margaret Mead, the world famous anthropologist spoke to the students.  I went early but the seats were all full when I got there so I stood up (along with 100 or more other people) and listened for 1½ hrs.  The weather was terrible.  It was bitter cold and the snow was coming thick but it didn't keep the students away.

Last Sunday was a terrible day, too.  They kept telling over the radio to stay off the highway but we had to take Ann to Springfield.  She played real well and got another excellent rating.  That's three in a row but she wanted to get a superior rating which is the highest.  She came within one point and was disappointed but if she gets another excellent next year she will get a gold cup.  After we got a few miles from Normal there wasn't even any snow so we didn't have a bit of trouble.  After Ann played we came home and didn't do anything extra since we'd seen the museum and capitol.

I hope Jerry feels better.  The mumps can be pretty bad so he had better stay quiet for a long time till he's all over them.

B and I went to the Home Ec. house for dinner Thursday night and had a nice time.  The seniors who live there are required to have a dinner party each semester.  They must run the whole house--budget, buy & cook.  They do a good job, too.

Thursday was Quill Club night but I couldn't go to that and to the dinner party too.  School things always come first, of course.  I haven't been to Quill Club since Xmas.  There has always been something else I had to do.  Maybe I can go next time.

We had a long letter from Wheelers today.  I had invited Eve and the kids to come here during the Philosophy meeting at Easter time but they can't come.

I wanted to look for a black straw hat today but didn't even go to Bloomington.  Seems like I can't keep my clothes ready to go or be ready when the seasons change.  People are beginning to wear straw hats--dark ones & of course, all the stores have their spring things out.

I guess B's work has slowed up a little but not much.  Three of them plan to work three evenings next week.  But it is the same in several offices.  There are so many more students every semester and it means more & more work.

I spent most of my day watching John Glenn.  Wasn't it wonderful?  There was a good letter in our paper about people all across America being united in prayer for the first few minutes of his flight.  I'm sure that's true.  And then again when he was lifted out of the water safely.

Yes, we saw Mrs. Kennedy showing the White House.  That was wonderful, too.  She has certainly done a lot to improve it and make it meaningful.

We should be having some nice days soon.  I'm ready for them.  Hope you both are fine."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  The piano teacher required daily parent-supervised practice and fairly complex documentation to which she responded with points and stickers, statuettes of composers, gold cups and ribbons.  I never cared much for the competitive activities required, and can't recall whether or not this was my last competition.  It was more fun just to play the piano and improvise.

Watch NBC news coverage of the Mercury flight.

And Jackie's White House tour:

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