Sunday, May 25, 2014

August 4, 1962 Back to Work, Baking Cookies, Blowing Up, Buying Underwear and Cutting Up a Tux

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here it is Friday again.  I don't know where the days go.  B went back to work Wednesday.  He hated to go, yet I think he was glad to get back, too.  He really didn't get much rest with our painting & the organ.  But they are done and we are happy for that.

B at work on the organ, Summer of '62
I have been baking cookies all morning.  I  have to take some to the church Sun. evening for the final meeting about the fund drive & then some of them are for the tea we are helping to give for Sorensens next Tuesday.

We went to the church Wed. night for a meeting & now we have $85,000.  It is coming along fine but they brought a man in that specializes in this sort of thing & his fee will be over $4,600.   I just about blew up when B came home from the Board meeting & told it.  We did not know what the man was charging & had opposed bringing him in the first place.  I'm still mad about it.

Yesterday was Dollar Day in Bloomington but I didn't buy much.  I got the kids some pajamas & myself some underwear.  I bought some dark cotton material for Ann a school dress but she didn't like it much.  She'll change her mind about the time I get ready to cut it for myself. 

I spent one day this week cutting out a suit.  Woody gave me a tuxedo and it took about a whole day to take it apart & another one to figure out the pieces to cut.  I'm still not sure about getting it made to look right but I'm going to try.  The material is just beautiful & I'll bet he hadn't worn it more than 2 or three times.

Sorensens are packing and will leave right after graduation next Friday.  Their furniture will be left here for awhile since their house in Rock Island won't be ready.

The kids are still begging to spend a few days in Richland.  Maybe later in August we could take them to St. Louis & put them on a bus there & then come after them.  We will think about it anyway.  When does Jerry's school begin?  Bob is anxious for summer school to end.  There are only 4 more days for him but he has enjoyed it.

We have filed a claim for insurance on his bike but the adjustor hasn't come yet.

I have tried to practice on the organ every day so maybe I can play it for you if you come Thanksgiving.  Ann can really make it sing.

I must clean up so we can go to the church.  Ann is staying all night with a friend and Bob will be alone for awhile.  He never knows whether anyone is here or not when he gets to watching T.V.

Hope you both are fine."

                     Lots of love,


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