Thursday, May 8, 2014

April 6, 1962 The Bushes Have Buds, The Time Gets Long and The Sorensens Are Leaving

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Another nasty, cloudy day.  The trees and bushes have big fat buds but it stays so cold I don't see how they keep growing.  We still don't have the willow brush cleaned up.  Bob stacked branches up in the yard & there they are.

Ann is back in school but she is so behind with school work & piano practice I don't know when she will ever get caught up.  I'm behind with everything too and have spent this afternoon doing little things.  I did make a dress for Ann.  I had bought the material long ago and she wanted a shirtwaist.  It looks real cute on her. 

Our book club met Monday but I didn't go since Ann was home.  I know the time gets long for her.  If we have many more winters like this one I'll be ready to join Marjorie in Hawaii.

Your birthday is Saturday, Mother, and we'll be thinking about you.  Your package will be late because I ordered you a tablecloth to embroider.  The pattern is like mine & I think your napkins can be used with it.  I ordered myself a small one like yours.  I still haven't finished my big one but I pick it up for a little at a time when I watch T.V. and am in no hurry to finish it.

Bob's friend broke his arm in gym.  He fell and landed on his elbow.  It threw the elbow out of place & broke the arm above the elbow.  He is doing fine but has a huge cast on and hasn't been able to go back to school.  He is at home now, though.

Bob's awesome school project, April, 1962
I know Jerry will enjoy the leatherwork.  Bob gets catalogs all of the time but he never made anything but some slippers.  He talked about ordering the tooling kit one time but we talked him out of it for some reason.  He has made me some beautiful candlesticks on the lathe at school & is working on a fruit bowl to go with them.

Sorensens are leaving Normal.  I knew it would happen but I thought it would be because of Edna's health.  Woody is to become the president of a Lutheran college in northern Illinois.  They can't go until summer because Woody will have to handle his work here that long, anyway, unless the job is filled right away.

A recent photo I took of Sorensen's house, unchanged since it was built.

We have to go to a P.T.A.  meeting tonight and it is Quill Club night, too.  I certainly haven't gone much this year.

I do hope Daddy is all right now but I wish you'd tell me what is wrong.  I can imagine all kinds of things when one of you gets sick."

                          Lots of love,


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