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April 29, 1962 The Spring Events, The Ag Banquet, The Music Program, The Nice Birthday and A Strained Back

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having some wonderful weather ( in the 80's) but it rained a little this morning and it is cloudy.  We still can have the doors open and that makes a real difference.  I like it when I can open the windows but we've been closed up so long I have to keep "shushing" the kids so the neighbors won't hear them all of the time.  You can almost see things grow.  Violets are everywhere, tulips and jonquils are coming out and some of the baby iris are blooming.  Fruit trees in the neighborhood bloomed overnight when things warmed up.  Is the dogwood out yet?  Ann has been trying to make a bird house.  We saw the pair of thrushes this morning that have lived in our back yard for several summers.  I guess they use their nest over and over.

Things are really buzzing around school.  The spring events have all started and two new building are started.  It will keep us on the run from now till the end of school.  The Faculty Women have their last meeting today at a luncheon.  The program is a style show of foreign costumes.  I am modeling my kimono and they have a lot of other real interesting outfits.

B is going to a banquet for Ag. boys this afternoon and we both go to another one tomorrow evening.

Ann is playing in a music program tomorrow afternoon and we're all supposed to go to a program tomorrow night.  We'll start the day with church of course, and there won't even be enough time to read the paper, probably.

B had a nice birthday and likes the belt and tie real well.  He said he had needed a brown belt.  Bob came home from school and made him a 4 layer chocolate cake & put 42 candles on it.  We had a nice supper & that was it.  If we can find the time we may order the organ next week.  We would like to have the parts ready to work on by the time B's vacation begins & it will take a while to come.

We haven't done more in the basement.  I have material for the couch covers but they aren't even cut.  We are going to put the piano in the basement & I want to have that done before the iron railing can be put on the stairs.  B thinks he can find someone to help him do it but I'm going to call some moving men to do it.  That will be much cheaper than a strained back or rupture.

I would like to read Ida's book.  She'll just have to ignore the people who make fun of her.  For some unknown reason, there are always people who sniff at those who try to write.  No one knew I did any writing for about 5 years except a very few like Woody who kept encouraging me.  If Ida gets pleasure out of it, then more power to her but she'll find it easier to do if she keeps still about it.

I hear from Aggie about once a year.  She doesn't write any now because she is so involved with her 4 girls and their activities.  She is probably happier and not so frustrated as she used to be.

I must stop.  It will soon be time for me to go to school and there are a lot of things to do.

Hope you both are fine."

                              Lots of love,


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