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April 22, 1962 The Load of Dirt, The Clean Creek and The Baptism

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We had your nice Easter card and B's birthday card today.  It was nice to hear from you twice in a week.  Tomorrow is kind of a special day since Ann will be baptized.  She joined the church last Sunday along with several others.  The baptizing will be in another Christian church (because of the fire) at 6:30 in the morning but our minister will do the baptizing & preach a short sermon.  Then we'll have a breakfast in the church.

I don't know whether you can read this or not.  I'm so tired my fingers are even tired.  We put a half load of dirt around the foundation and so plants had to be taken out and put back in.  I've worked at it for part of three days so I'm pretty achy.  My muscles are so lazy that it doesn't take much to make me tired.  Today has been a wonderful day.  We worked out without sweaters and all of us look a little pink tonight from the glorious sunshine.  It is so good to have a warm day.

Bob had a wonderful time at camp and was surprisingly clean when he got home.  He is usually just grimy.  The campsite was real nice even it it was just out in the woods.  There was a good clean creek there and I guess that made the difference.

The rest of us enjoyed our trip to Chicago but it was too short.  Ann bought herself a jacket and we bought some Easter egg candy.  I glanced through some dresses but didn't see a thing worth trying on.  Jim Wheeler was at the meeting so we went to supper together and then visited a long time.  He hasn't changed much.

Ann is having a party so things are pretty lively around here.  Thank goodness for the basement.

I read in the Mirror about Mattie Attwell's book.  I don't really remember her but have always heard of her.  I would like to read her book, too.  Most people make someone mad if they write a true story.  It must really be the truth that hurts.

I haven't been paid for my last play but I got a letter this week & it said they would give me $25. for it.  That is just fine with me.

The kids have gone so I must get the mess cleaned up & our clothes laid out for tomorrow.  Hope you have a nice Easter Sunday.

                      Lots of love,


Sun. morning

It's a beautiful day.  We went to church at 6:30 and Ann was baptized.  It was real nice.  It is about S.S. time but it is pouring rain again.  Maybe the sun will be out again before I finish this.  Hope you have a nice day.

NOTE:  The baptism was memorable to say the least.  Behind the altar, and then behind heavy curtains was the "pool".  It had 3 steps on either side, leading into the water, which if I recall correctly was about 3 feet deep.  The minister was standing in the middle of the water and several of us lined up on each side, waiting our turns.  The girls were all wearing white pleated skirts and frilly blouses.  As I stepped down and my hem hit the water, it created in effect, a huge, billowing balloon of sorts, surrounding all of me except for the top of my head.  This was a source of great amusement to all of us, and whatever the minister said, it was lost to our efforts to restrict the giggling that ensued.   

And now enjoy a favorite dance record from 1962:

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