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April 15, 1962 On the Run, Away from the Phone, A Hectic Day and Woody's New Job

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I've been on the run so much this week I hardly know what day it is.  We just got home from a big Scout exhibit that Bob had to help with and B is waiting for some men who are coming to talk about some teaching jobs next year.  He has really been on the run since Larsens left.  It is vacation time for the students so things may be a little better this week.  He may get things caught up in the office.  The Philosophy meeting is in Chicago next week so he hopes to go up for that on Tues. and Wed.  That is the time when he usually sees Jim Wheeler.  Ann and I are going along this time.  We will look around the stores while B is in his meetings.  It won't be much of a vacation but we'll be away from the telephone for awhile.  Bob is going camping.  We tried to talk him into going with us but he'd rather camp with the Scouts.  That will be good for him.

Thanks for the nice anniversary card.  It was rather a hectic day for both of us but B said we should at least go out for supper, so we did that.  And that was all.  We hope to start building our organ this summer so we aren't buying presents for one another this year.  That will be our Xmas too but we think it will be something nice to have.

It snowed yesterday and is real cold and windy.  Yet, the grass is green and people are even mowing lawn.

Your tablecloth hasn't come yet and I can't understand it unless they were out of the pattern.  Maybe it will come Monday.

Ann seems fine right now.  In fact, she seems more like herself now than she has for a long time.  She still says she wants to visit you but we haven't promised yet and I don't know how we could work it out yet or when it would be since she'll go to summer school

I'm glad Daddy is better.  It will probaby be a while before he has all his pep back.

We went up to Sorensen's for awhile one night just to talk.  I suppose Woody's new job is a better one and the prestige that goes with the job means a lot to them.  He is a Lutheran & has always wanted this kind of a job.  He will do well.

I haven't finished anything I've started this week so I'd better stop and get some clothes folded.  The kids may not even have clean sox for Sunday School tomorrow.

Ladies Hone Journal, March, 1962
                Lots of love,



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