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September 17, 1961 The Rush is On, The Weather is Chilly, Majorie is Thrilled and The Pen is Making a Mess

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The first week of school is over & it has been a rush one.  Ann decided she had to have a new dress for the first day so I spent Monday & most of Tuesday on that & she went to school all dressed up and happy.  I had had the material for a long time but she kept saying she wanted skirts & blouses so I didn't bother to make it up yet.  When I reminded her of it she said, "But I've always had a new dress for the first day."  I wonder if she'll wear it to Sunday School tomorrow.

B worked at school all morning today.  They have registered over 5000 students & there will still be a few more next week.  We have hardly seen B at home this week & I even had to take Bob to Scout meeting Thursday night.

We went to a dinner meeting last night.  Woody was the speaker or I would not have gone.  We just got home from a reception for new people in our department and we are going to a tea tomorrow afternoon.  I have a Sunday School teachers' meeting too, but may have to leave it early.

Hurricane Carla sent us some real chilly weather & we have had the furnace running for a few days.  None of our fall clothes were ready so we've been pulling things out of the garment bags. I never did get any sewing done for myself so I'm having a time finding things to wear.  I tried to find a dress today in Bloomington but didn't have any luck.  I had ordered one from Sears but it was too tight.

I got a new permanent this week but haven't even looked at hats.  My last year's one looks pretty good so that's what I've been wearing.

Bob had his teeth pulled this morning & got along just fine.  It didn't take long & he was so surprised that he didn't feel it or know when they had taken them out.  The dentist put him to sleep for a few minutes & it was very easy.  We are so glad that is over.

Marjorie must be real thrilled over her new job.  It sounds just wonderful but won't she be missed at home?  Ann keeps insisting that she is going to college in Hawaii so maybe Marjorie will still be there.  Everyone says it is a wonderful place to live.

I think our kids were glad to get back in school.  They get so bored at the last of summer.

This pen is making such a mess that I guess I'll just stop trying to write."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  The report card on JFK in this saved issue of the Saturday Evening Post  is interesting, but so is the feature on Casey Stengel.  The images above are just for fun, for those of you who are celebrating the season openers of your favorite teams.  Happy Spring!

For photos and more on Hurricane Carla:  http://www.srh.noaa.gov/crp/?n=hurricanecarla

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