Monday, April 14, 2014

October 28, 1961 Homecoming, Holidays and Hamburgers

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"My hands are so cold I can hardly write.  We have been to the parade & it is cold & rainy today.  This is homecoming & we had hoped for a nice day.

Last night we drove around to see the houses decorated & the parade was this morning.  The floats were real nice & I guess they had all been parked inside all night or they would have been ruined.  It rained quite a bit last night.

We have had some frost & the dahlias are ruined.

Images from The Index, ISNU Yearbook

I wish Beulah could come Thanksgiving too.  I keep intending to write to her.  I know how she'd feel about leaving Nobel & Jerry--especially over a holiday.  Ask her anyway & see what she says.  I don't suppose they could get anyone to do their work so they could all come.

We have had several meetings this week & B went to Eureka College to give a talk in Chapel.  I teased him about preaching the sermon & sure enough, his talk was listed on the program as the sermon.

I am on a writing binge again & have spent every spare minute writing this week.  I got a letter from an editor saying she was interested in a little book on Japan.  She sent me one on Alaskan Eskimos to show me the kind of book she wanted.  So that is what I'm doing.  It will take a long time to do a manuscript so I'm working on it.

This isn't much letter but I have to fix lunch for company & then we're going to a football game.  Tonight we go to Potluck.  I'd better get my hamburgers started."

      Lots of love,


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