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October 14, 1961 The Haircut, The PTA Report, The Letters and The Lunch

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm waiting for Ann, as usual.  She has to wash her hair & is getting dressed.  She suddenly decided last Sunday night after she was in bed, that she would have her hair cut.  So we spent Monday (they were out of school for teachers' meetings) on her hair.  She picked out a picture & went to the beauty shop.  We had it cut & shampooed & set.  It looked cute but has to be rolled up every night.  We're going to give her a Toni when we get to it & then it will stay in.  She likes being able to comb it herself & so do I.

Bob has a friend here for lunch.  He stayed all night, too & Ann has her flute lesson at noon.  It keeps me jumping to get them all in the right places on time.

B has gone to a cornerstone laying for a new dormitory.  I wanted to go but couldn't get ready in time.

We have had some wonderful days & the leaves are all colors now.  I would love to go someplace--even to the lake.  We haven't had a chance yet.  Last Sunday was so nice but I had to work at the church most of the afternoon.  We had our big supper Wed. night & made almost $500.  I didn't have to do a lot this year but was tired when it was over.

I had to make a report to the High School PTA Tues. night.  We've been working on a loan project for PTA & it has been a lot of work and worry.  I think things like that make you tired.

Bob had the wires put on his lower teeth yesterday afternoon.  He says they are sore today & I know they are.

Granny Watterson was here one afternoon for me to fix a dress for her.  She never asks Toni to do anything like that but she could do it if she would.  Granny plans to go to Arizona before long & I hope she can.  It will be good for everybody.  She is pretty well but the arthritis bothers her & the sun would be helpful.

Ann is still coughing from her cold.  These colds & sore throats act so peculiar.  She never did have a fever but felt awful.  Our paper has been telling people to get flu shots.  This is to be a bad year.

I had a letter from Charlotte & one from Beulah last week--just about keeled over.

Surely the shoe factory can be used for something.  It will sure be hard on Richland if they don't figure out something all those people can do.

I must get some lunch.  The boys didn't get up very early but they say they are hungry anyway."

                              Lots of love,         


NOTE:  There were many shoe factories in Missouri, and many were in operation longer than the one in Richland.  I haven't been able to find any information about it, so if any readers have photos or information, I'd love to hear from you. 

It was a relief to have my braids cut off and to be free of the painful nightly detangling and brushing! 

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