Tuesday, April 15, 2014

November 5, 1961 Tornado Warnings, Trick or Treaters, Tomatoes, Teachers and Top Cat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've been having a lot of rain but we did have one real warm day.  The wind blew like March & there were tornado warnings out but none developed.  I cut off the peonies & worked in the yard part of the day.  There is still a lot that needs to be done but it is real cold now so I doubt if I get to do anymore.

Bob went to the dentist again yesterday & then B took him out to the Scout camp.  A few of the boys were trying out some plans for a big camp-out this next weekend.  They had a cabin & B said it was cozy warm.  They will come home this afternoon.

Ann had a friend stay overnight with her.  They are watching T.V. 

Did I tell you B will be in Springfield on the 14th?  I can't remember whether I mentioned it or not.  He is going to represent I.S.N.U. at the inauguration of the new S.M.S.U. president.  We wish the kids & I could come to Richland while he's there but we would have to take them out of school.  B will fly so it will be a quick trip.

I wish we had some of your tomatoes too.  They are 19¢ a lb. in the store so we haven't had many in a long time.   I can't see why they stayed so high in the stores.

We certainly had lots of trick or treaters but they were all real well behaved.  We had lots of little ones & I get a kick out of them.  Some of Bob's friends came too & a lot of kids I never saw before.  Ann didn't go out.  Her room had a roller skating party that day & she had blisters on her feet.  Bob dressed up & had fun but said it would probably be his last time.  He thinks he's getting a little big & so do I.  

I have a rough manuscript written now.  It is for a real little book but it's hard to say much that is important in such a short one.  I have worked on it some almost every day between other things.  I'm not about to give up my church work to write but I'd like to go to a Sunday School class again to hear someone else teach a lesson.  Teachers get in such a rut & I never get to church.  I look & feel so messy when I finish my class & church has always started by the time I get the paste & crayons put away & the children have all been taken care of.

I must stop & wash my hair.  That's a big job & I want to get done before noon.

Have you talked to Dorsey?  Better get it done."

                  Lots of love,


NOTES:  Marilyn, a reader from Springfield writes:  After reading your post today, I just had to look in my book on the history of MSU (in 1961,  known as Southwest Missouri State University). In 1961, Dr. Leland Traywick became the 4th President of the University. I see that he earned his doctorate from the University of Illinois, so perhaps that is why your Dad came for his inauguration. The parliamentary room in the student union is named after him. That room is where the Board of Governors and Student Government meet, as well as various other meetings. However, he wasn't the President for very long, he was fired in 1964--a fact I didn't know about until just now. Your blog encourages curiosity!  Thank you, Marilyn, for the interesting information and for reading!

Watching T.V. on Saturday mornings would have meant cartoons...mainly creating background noise except for a few newer premiers, including Top Cat.

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