Tuesday, April 1, 2014

July 9, 1961 The Slumber Party, The Flag Burning and The Ideal Weather

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Ann is still sleeping although it is 9:00.  She doesn't do this very often but I guess she is catching up on the sleep she lost Thurs. night.

She had five girls here for a slumber party.  They giggled pretty late.  All of them brought their sleeping gear & slept on the floor.  It really was quite an easy party and Ann made all of the plans.  They had bacon and blueberry pancakes for breakfast & they really stowed away the breakfast.  Some of them go to summer school & left early.  The others were gone before noon.

I had planned to start washing walls in the study today and have the drapes down.  A student was coming to help but she called yesterday that she couldn't come.

Bob will be home right after lunch today.  He will be awfully tired & have a suitcase full of dirty clothes so I may be washing & ironing today.  We went out to camp Wed. night for a special program.  It was a beautiful affair and one we'll probably never see again.  They had a special ceremony & burned the old 48 star flag that had flown over the camp for many years.  The Normal Legion had given them a new 50 star nylon flag.  They cut the blue field of stars out first, folded it, & put it on a huge bonfire.  Then the rest was folded & put on.  The whole program was very nice but we got covered with chiggers and have been scratching ourselves to pieces.  I've never had them here before.  We had a postcard from Bob and this is every word he wrote, " Dear Mom and Dad, I have to write a letter to get to eat tonight.  Bob".  Isn't that some letter?  We laughed and laughed.  I miss him terribly & he looked so big & yet so little boyish on Wed. night.

I can't believe that this is July for the weather is so cool.  The sun is hot in the daytime but there is usually a cool breeze & it is just right in the shade.  The weather has been ideal.

We didn't do anything special over the Fourth except work.  We scrubbed and waxed all of the floors upstairs & that was quite a job.  I used steel wool to take off the heel marks & it went fast but there is so much floor space.

B has gone to have the brakes worked on.  They had been checked & the man said to bring the car back again after driving it awhile.

I'm still working a little almost every day on my tablecloth but it doesn't look like I'll get the big one even started this summer.

Ann has had her last piano lesson until fall and I am glad.  It is hard to keep up regular practice during vacation.  Her fingers got all right but were sore for several days.  She still plays at Sunday School & she plays quite a bit just to be playing.

I'd better get dressed and get a few things done this morning.  I hope you both are fine."

                    Lots of love,


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