Monday, April 28, 2014

January 27, 1962 Playing Nursemaid, Watching T.V. and Laying in a Supply of Groceries

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have had a little lull in our cold weather the last two days.  It is raining today & washing the snow off the streets but we're supposed to get more snow & cold tonight.  Driving has been awful so I haven't been doing much of it.

Bob & Ann have both been home since Tuesday.  Bob has felt pretty bad but Ann hasn't been very sick.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed so I won't take their sore throats.  About 100 kids have been absent from school this week.

I haven't done much but play nursemaid all week.  There was a Quill Club meeting last night but B showed pictures at a Scout meeting so I stayed home with the kids.

I've been working on my other tablecloth since I've been watching T.V. with the kids but I'm so tired of T.V. & so are they.  The days get pretty long for them.

I went to the Pen Women meeting in Bloomington last Sunday.  It was a horrible day so no one came from out of town except the speaker.  She had lived on farms in Holland for 6 months under a 4H exchange program.  She was about Charlotte's age & such a nice girl.  I wish Charlotte would do something like that one of these days.  It would be a real experience.

Marjorie's address is 425 Ena Rd., Apt. 201 B, Honolulu.

Bob had a letter from Beulah and I was glad that she had the pep to write.  I just wrote her a letter & have others I should write.   We had another Christmas letter last week.  At the rate I'm going now I won't get them answered till next Xmas.

Well, this is Saturday.  B will go to school to work some tomorrow morning too.  The kids seem  better today but Bob's nose is so stopped up.  It makes him miserable.

It is cold today but sunny.  Maybe we won't get the snow.  I want to lay in a big supply of groceries this afternoon in case it does come.

I guess I'd better see if I can wade my way into the study.  The kids get so much junk in there because they stay in there so much now.

Hope you both are fine."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  This is letter 1000.  Yippee!

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