Sunday, April 27, 2014

January 20, 1962 A Clean Snow, A Broken Bag, Plain Pumps and More Chemicals

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Everything is beautiful & white today.  The sun is out and we had a clean snow last night.  The streets are terrible.  They are packed with ice & snow so it is hard to get around.  It stays so cold that I am still hauling the kids to school every day.  It wears me out and I don't get much else done but I think it's too cold for them to walk when it is below zero.  One child froze the end of his ear and I don't want that to happen.  Maybe the cold will end one of these days but the weatherman predicts more snow tomorrow.

The streets were a little slushy for about an hour last Sunday & we went after the bits.  It started snowing again before we got out of the store & has been bad since.  I'm sorry the plastic bag was broken but that was the last set they had.

I'm so sorry Beulah & Jerry have been sick & just hope Nobel didn't take the flu.  We have been lucky but I guess I should knock on wood.

Bob has a basketball game this morning so he & Ann are at school.  B worked in the office a little while.  Then he went to the game.

This is the busy time of the semester for B.  He'll be working days & nights for awhile until the new semester gets under way.

I looked at some sale wool in Normal yesterday but didn't buy any.  The price was good but it wasn't any bargain if I didn't like it.  I sent back my shoes & ordered some plain pumps from Sears.  They haven't come but I hope they fit.

Bob was happy on his birthday even if he was so busy we couldn't do much celebrating.  We gave him some equipment for his chemistry corner but he hasn't had a chance to use any of it.  He has saved his birthday and Christmas money & has an order made out for more chemicals.

My Christmas cactus is full of buds.  I've been babying it along & can't wait for it to bloom.

Take care of yourselves so you won't take the flu."

                       Lots of love,


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