Friday, April 25, 2014

January 1, 1962 A Little More Peace and Freedom, A Big Scout Affair and A Little Time Off

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The old year is almost gone but it went so fast!  We have so much to be thankful for but there are so many that have so little to appreciate.  Let's hope that next year will bring a little more peace and freedom for them.

We are still getting Christmas letters and had a big stack of them when we got home from Richland.

I've been busy all week but can't see that I've done much.  It has taken all week to get the tree and other decorations put away & I've probably missed some of them.

There was a big Scout affair Thursday night and I had charge of the reception afterwards.  I went to the church that afternoon to get things ready and that took about two hours.  It was about 3° above all that day & was too cold for anything.  We had about 250 people that night but some of the Scouts washed the punch cups and it wasn't hard at all.

The office closed Friday noon so B has had a little time off but has worked every minute.  He got the outlets put in the bookcases & an undercoat of paint on by 1:30 last night.  Now he's giving them a coat of semi-gloss.

Bob is staying all night with a friend tonight  & Becky is staying with Ann since we have to be out.

I have to press a dress to wear so I'd better get it done.  Becky & Ann want their supper about 5:30 so I'll need to feed them.

Pillowcases by Grandmother Taylor
We're all making use of our Xmas presents.  Ann had the wardrobe full in 10 minutes & that new quilt on her bed, too.  I have the pillow cases (all of them) on the beds, too.  The record is very nice and you would like it too. 

Doll wardrobe by Granddad Taylor

Daddy's parsnips are real good.  I boiled them, then put butter & brown sugar on them.  Maybe that is how you fix them but I had to look them up in the cookbook.  I hadn't cooked any in so long.

Hope you both are fine."
        Lots of love,


NOTE:  Our granddad made us many pieces of furniture over the years, including the pine doll wardrobe above.  It is 36" x 22" and the inside had tiny dowel rods for hanging doll clothes.   It now houses media of various sorts. 

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