Wednesday, April 30, 2014

February 10, 1962 Back to School, Badly Damaged, Sick of Winter and More Snow and Ice

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids finally went back to school on Thursday but I have had a sore throat all week and haven't done anything but lie around.  None of us have been real sick like some people have so we are lucky that way but it sure takes your energy.  I really got caught up on my reading.  B has had it pretty hard this week because I haven't been able to shop or do my usual taxi driving for the kids.  I am better today but won't go to Sunday School tomorrow.

We have some bad news about our church.  It caught fire Monday & is a mess.  They don't know how it started--no one was there but both the minister & janitor had been there earlier.  The fire started in a broom closet & went up an open stairwell.  Things are badly damaged with smoke & water.  We will use a university building for our services until we can remodel the church.  It is a terrible thing to say, but the fire probably was a good thing.  It will force us to do work on that building that was badly needed.  It is a wonder it hadn't caught fire sooner from the wiring.  Some of us had nagged & nagged about that and never got any place.

You're going to be ready for spring with your painting.  I've been trying to get drapes to the cleaners during a sale but with all of us sick I never got it done.  I can't wait for spring to come.  I'm sick of winter.

I got a blouse pattern for Ann but of course, I haven't even opened it.  No telling when I'll get at it now because things are so piled up.  I imagine spring will come & go & I won't get any sewing done.

Bethany Guide bought my Children's Day play & the editor asked to see two others I had.  I sent them right away but haven't heard from him yet.  He paid me $20.  for the one he bought.

We have had more snow and ice but it hasn't been quite so cold.  It is a good thing for the kids have had to walk to school part of the time.  The walk is good for them but when the weather is bad I try to take them.

The kids have made up their school work.  They didn't go to gym after they went back & had that time to study.  The school nurse doesn't think they should go to gym for a few days after being sick & I don't think so either.  Maybe the worst part of the flu is over because there aren't as many kids absent now.

I've run out of anything to write & Ann is sitting here talking as hard as she can so I'll stop."

                              Lots of love,


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