Friday, April 18, 2014

December 2, 1961 Ham and Hamburgers, Teas and Dinners and Keeping Fingers Crossed

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It doesn't seem possible that you were here a week ago.  We sure did enjoy having all of you and wish you could have stayed longer.  I've thought of a dozen things I meant to show you or talk about & forgot them all.

I know you were anxious to get home but I'm so glad Buddy took you thru Springfield.  I knew he would even if he hadn't mentioned it.  He always stops there & I'm so glad Beulah could come.

We still have ham.  I haven't done much cooking since you were here.  B said he'd sure be glad when we could have hamburgers again.  We haven't cracked any of the nuts yet but I haven't done anything much except run around and type.

There have been a lot of things I had to go to.  I visited Bob's room, went to a PTA Board meeting, a tea, a dinner last night & go to another one tonight & tomorrow night.  Then I had to get a letter written about our church Xmas party & get that to the church secretary.  Tomorrow we'll have to address them to all church members.

Every chance I had, I typed and finally mailed my manuscripts on Thursday.  Now the editor has them and I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes she keeps one of them.  I wrote two.  She is very slow so I probably won't hear from her in months and months but I'll keep hoping.

B is at school but is coming home soon so we can go after some shoes for Bob.  He has to go back to a meeting after lunch so I must get ready to go.

Hope you are all rested by now."

               Lots of love,


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