Wednesday, April 2, 2014

August 5, 1961 The Night Tables, The Braces, The Wisconsin Dells, The Side Trip to Canada and The Cabinets

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"You should see my new night tables.  They are all finished & put to work.  B helped me rearrange the bedroom today so we could put them where I wanted them.  They aren't finish as well as Daddy would have done, I know, but they look real nice.  We had to mix a stain and I got the first coat too light so I added more black & put another coat on.  Then I put 3 coats of Deft and a coat of wax on so they have a nice shine.  I'm sure proud of them and I think I told Daddy last Christmas that I'd pay for the materials if he'd make me some.  I completely forgot it when we were home but I'd like to do that if he'll tell me how much.  I know all those legs cost quite a bit & he was so choosy about the wood.

We have been home only a week but it seems like a month.  B has been up to his ears in work & went back to the office three evenings after supper.  I had to pour at a tea Thurs. afternoon & did I hate to put on my stockings!  I went to the dentist one day & Bob got the first part of his braces on.  He did real well and said it wasn't so bad but he couldn't do much chewing for two days.  He has gone fishing with the old people next door.  They go to a stocked lake so he'll probably come home with fish.  He's been casting off the front porch with a weight on his line & Mrs. Hodge saw him.  So when they got ready to go today she came after him.

All of us enjoyed our trip.  The Wisconsin Dells area was very pretty & we took a boat trip thru the Dells.  The river winds back & forth thru the bluffs & rocks & it is beautiful.  Tourists were everywhere because it is advertised everywhere.  The lumbering country was beautiful & there were stacks & stacks of birch logs piled on both sides of the road in lots of places.  I was disappointed we didn't see a lumbering camp in operation & we planned to go to one but missed the turns some way.  We hadn't planned to, but we kept going North & ended up in Winnipeg, Canada.

Then we drove across the Canada lake country to International Falls & came back into Minnesota.  The lake country is very beautiful with its evergreens, birches & lakes.

We stopped at a mining museum in Chisholm, Minn. & then drove out to the biggest open pit iron mine in the world.  That was worth seeing.  I think I told you we went to a big ball game in Milwaukee.  That thrilled Bob more than anything because his team, the Braves, beat the Cardinals.

My cabinets aren't in yet but the man called yesterday & said he'd be here with them next week sometime.  This week has been too busy anyway so I'm glad he didn't come.

We're going to a picnic tomorrow night & I have to take rolls.  I guess I'll make them.

I must stop & get ready to go to the store.  It will soon be supper time & I haven't any groceries for the weekend.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  No photos this trip have been found--only postcards!

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