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August 27, 1961 Painting, Fishing, Cleaning, Quizzing and Finishing Supper

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm late and tired and it is supper time.  The men finished the cabinets up this morning so we have been painting all day.  B is working on the shelves now and when he gets them finished we'll have it all sealed.  They really look nice and we can hardly wait to get the painting done.  The men worked late Thurs. night to finish up the work but one of the doors didn't suit the cabinet maker & he made another one so that delayed things.  I'll probably spend all next week with a paint brush.

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday.  I hope you both have a nice day & that he has his package by now.

Bob has gone fishing with Hodges again & probably won't be back till dark.  They sure have a good time.  Bob & two other boys went to the fire station in Bloomington one morning this week & got their Scout badges in firemanship.  They had been studying for it.

I cleaned the dining room this week & even polished the furniture.  That just leaves the living room besides all the work in the kitchen.  I can get a lot done when I stay home all day.

I didn't think the old chest looked dull.  It was so pretty after Daddy got all the paint off & finished it natural.  Maybe I should put my name on the bottom of the drawers if you are going to be forgetful--ha!  I've been trying to remember the old soda jar but I'm not sure I do.  Did it have pink flowers on the front of it?  You didn't give it to me so give it to Marjorie when you want to.

I don't know what to tell you about the wardrobe.  I've been quizzing Ann about it & now she tells me it was like a little wardrobe trunk.  She says "two boxes put together with hinges on one side & a catch & handle like a suitcase on the other"-- about 12" x 14" x 8".  I think she is mixed up & talking about a different piece but I know she'd be happy with it either with doors or the other way--just so she could hang doll clothes in it & I think the size would do for either one.  It was just an idea so don't make a lot of work out of it or don't do it at all if you don't want to.

Do you know who wrote the answer to that Bill who writes in the Mirror?  It was in today's paper & I thought it was a dandy.  They really told him off in a polite way & I think it's about time.  I've even getting tired of his constant criticism of the town.

I must stop & get supper finished.  Ann cooked rice & put on some sausage so there isn't too much more to do.  It won't do any good to wait for Bob for they will stay as late as they can.

Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  Although only minimally interested at the time,  I can recall many conversations about "what the President must consider in order to stabilize the world" and thought it all sounded a bit scary.  Below, JFK's speech on Berlin.

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