Friday, April 4, 2014

August 19, 1961 Tomatoes Are High, Corn Is Cheap, The Birthday Was About Perfect and Still No Cabinets

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are having wonderful weather, too.  The mornings are cool but the afternoons have been getting hot.  Thing are beginning to feel fallish & some of my mums are beginning to open.

I wish we had some of your tomatoes.  They are still high in the stores but we got 12 lbs. for $1.00 last Sunday at a place in Bloomington.  Corn is fairly cheap and it has really been good this year.

This has been a fairly busy week but I've loafed a lot, too.  When I have to clean up & go someplace in the morning I just can't settle down to work in the afternoon & that's the way the week has been.  I told B I was going to hate myself one of these days when school starts and I'm not ready.  But it really is nice to read & rest without watching the clock.

Bob went on a camping trip to earn another Scout badge this week so I took a load of boys & their camping gear out into the country about 9 miles.  We had to go after Bob so he could go to the dentist the next morning & then took him back to the camp after lunch.  Another mother brought them home Fri. morning.  There were 10 boys & one man, I think, and they sure had a wonderful time.

The braces don't seem to bother Bob too much for he certainly hasn't complained.  There are some things he can't chew but he gets plenty to eat.

Birthday music

Ann's birthday was just about perfect.  One of her friends came and stayed all day with her & she didn't know I had invited her.  Then the mailman brought your package & letters from Rosalynn & Grandmother Belshe.  All of them had money in them & Beulah sent her one yesterday.  After lunch Ann & her friend went to Bloomington to spend the money.  They didn't want me to go so I just let them go on the bus.  They bought a nice navy wool pleated skirt and a white blouse.  It is a real cute outfit & fits very nicely & they sure enjoyed the spending spree.  I think they looked at all the skirts in town two or three times before they decided what to buy but I couldn't have done any better.  We gave her school clothes and some music.

Birthday music
She liked the stationary and said she would write to you soon.  I noticed she had started a letter but she's been too busy to finish it.

I must write to Bessie and Beulah in a few days.  I've been trying to get caught up on letters but still have several to answer.

We still don't have the cabinets.  We were surprised when we signed the contract for them that the bill wasn't due till Oct. 1.  Now we are beginning to see why.  They want to be sure they are finished, I guess.

It's about lunchtime so I'd better see what I can dig up.  Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  Listen to one of those birthday records here:


  1. Hi Ann 'Venus' is one of my fav Frankie Avalon songs. They sure don't make them like that any more. I much rather listen to the songs from the 50' and 60's. Showing my age I reckon.

  2. Hi! One of my favorites as well! I pity my parents having to listen to it over and over every day:-)

    One of the greatest things about our age is being able to show it!!

    I hope you're doing well. We're all waiting for spring to come at last!

    Thanks so much for writing. It's good to hear from you:-)


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