Thursday, April 3, 2014

August 12, 1961 Graduation is Inside, Bob Bakes a Pie and Catches Fish, The Tablecloth is Finished and Dr. Brown Collects Pollen

Dear Mother and Daddy,

"This is a beautiful sunny day.  It rained yesterday & they had to have graduation in the gym.  It is much nicer outdoors and fewer people can attend when it is inside but when it rains they have to have it in the gym.  Most of the faculty left late yesterday or this morning on vacations.  There are still a few classes being held on campus but things will be quieter for awhile.  B has gone to the office for awhile this morning.

We had a nice time at potluck Sunday night.  I had planned to make rolls to take but fooled around until it was too late to make them so I bought French bread & put garlic butter on it.  That was better with the barbequed chicken anyway.  Bob decided to make a pie that afternoon & it took most of the afternoon for that.  He mixed up that hot water crust & ended up with 3 crusts.  By the time he filled one with lemon filling he had had enough, so we filled the others later.  It was nice to have crusts all ready to use & they were good, too.

The 4-H Fair was this week and Bruce had several things exhibited so Bob spent one afternoon with Bruce at the fair.  The rest of us didn't go.

Bob caught 2 big (about 3 lbs. each) carp last Saturday so we had fish for dinner Sunday.  He is going with Hodges again this afternoon to a different place that's stocked with catfish.

We all went up to Sorensen's for the evening on Monday.  Edna has a new electric organ and everyone enjoyed playing on it.  Now the kids want an organ.  Bob even wants to take lessons, he says.  I'd love to have one too and B says he can build us one like the radio but I don't know if he'd ever get it done.  It would play thru our radio speakers.

I'm still waiting for the cabinets.  They will surely come next week.  I dread the painting mess but it will sure be nice to have them.

We are really enjoying the tables but I still think we ought to pay for the material.  We have them almost full of stuff.  I guess if we had 40 rooms of furniture we'd soon fill everything up.

I finished my tablecloth that I was working on at home and it is ready to be ironed.  I thought I'd do the napkins right away, too, but I've barely touched them.  I keep doing a bit more extra cleaning and have been reading a little more.

I ordered some brown material for a dress but I'm going to send it back.  It looks so cheap and the color was horrid.  I want to get it wrapped to mail back so I'd better stop and do that.

Hope you both are fine.

The clipping is about the professor who took us on the trip in March."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE:  As was the practice, a small, iron-on label was always on Bonnie's handwork.  At the urging of family and friends, she finally ordered sew-in labels.  In the 70's, she designed her own embroidered logo, which she put on the underneath corner of each quilt she made, noting the date on each.  I believe that 2005 was the last quilt made with the logo.

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