Monday, March 24, 2014

May 7, 1961 Cookies for 1000, Cake for 44 and The Biology Class Reunion

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm really late this week but I haven't been home long enough to write a letter.  Faith Larsen and I spent 2 days working on plans for the tea I told you we were going to have for the woman that is retiring.  There were 730 people invited when we got them all counted but we're planning on 500 coming.  We are going to serve punch and cookies but it will take a lot.  We're buying the punch from a dairy & are buying part of the cookies.  It will take at least 1000.  We're baking part of them so I'm going to start making cookies next week.  This party is to be in one of the lounges at school so it will be convenient for everyone to come.

Bob made a copper picture at school and entered it in a contest that was a district thing.  He got a red ribbon for it & was really pleased.  Now he is entering it in a state contest so he's been rubbing & polishing on the frame.

Ann is getting ready for the piano recital in early June.  She had a workshop yesterday morning but had to go alone.  I went to a coffee & style show the college home ec. girls were having.  Then I went to a luncheon and B & I went to a Sophomore party at school last night.  We're all getting so tired we're kind of dopey.

Dr. Brown
We are going to a tea for outstanding seniors this afternoon.  This is Mothers' Day on our campus so there are lots of parents here & there is a special service this afternoon with a reception afterwards.  We're skipping that for we're all going out to supper at Brown's (the man who taught the biology group).  I'm making 2 cakes to take.  There will be 44 people & all of us who took the trip will show our pictures.  We probably won't get thru them till about midnight or more.  

I must get some lunch & get dressed to go to school so will say bye for now.  Maybe I won't be so late next week."



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