Wednesday, March 26, 2014

May 19, 1961 Patching the Ceiling, Mowing the Lawn and Making a Dent in the Dirt

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The man is here patching the ceiling plaster in the study so I'm just really hanging around.  I can't seem to do much when there is a workman around.  I'll be glad to have it done so I can really clean that room.  There isn't much chance of doing much cleaning until school is out but I'll certainly have to then.  When I clean our bedroom I'm going to rearrange it so there'll be more room for the tables Daddy made.  We still haven't had time to work out the color for the finish.  There are so many things we need to do around here but no time to do them.

B finally got a power mower so he'll be mowing the lawn himself for awhile for I don't want Bob to use it yet.

Things are getting prettier outdoors everyday but we need sunshine.  It stays cold & gloomy.  The lilacs have been wonderful all over town.

Our big party is over but I'm still tired from it.  It turned out perfectly without a hitch and we had over 300 people and lots of cookies--too many really but we wanted to have more than enough.  We bought a lot and each made 6 or 800 so there was a big variety.  We had lots of flowers around the room and the school greenhouse made our centerpiece for the table.  It was pink snapdragons with some greens mixed in and beautiful.  We put a pink sheet under the lace cloth and used white candles.  The punch bowl was glass (pink punch) so we put flowers around the bottom of the bowl.  Everything looked pretty and we had lots of compliments on the whole party.

My iris have barely started blooming but I used what were out for the party, Larsens have all colors of lilacs and then I went to Smiths in the country and she gave me tulips, iris and narcissus so we had lots of flowers.  The lilacs and narcissus made the room smell good too.  Mrs. Smith gave me a lot of asparagus and rhubarb too but I haven't had time to make a pie.

Last night I went to the Faculty Women's Dinner and tomorrow I go to a brunch.  There are still a lot of dinners on our calendar.  I don't remember there ever being so many in the spring before.  I have charge of the Pen Women dinner Sunday noon, too.  That's a headache for people are lazy about sending reservations in and then come anyway.

Bob is going on a camp out this week-end.  It has been quite awhile since they have had one.

I'm glad you liked the napkins.  I have finally started on my small cloth and think it will be very pretty.  It's awfully slow because I can't work on it very long or very often at a time.

B is in Chicago for a meeting.  He'll be home tomorrow night.

I don't have to go anywhere this afternoon except the store so I'd better get busy and make a dent in the dirt around here."

                           Lots of love,


NOTE:  More easy rhubarb recipes here:

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