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March 4, 1961 The Rat Race, The Birthday Luncheon, The Bunch of Pussy Willows and The New Dress

Sears, Spring 1961(image Historic Sears Catalog, Ancestry.com)

"I'm using Bob's birthday pen and it's really a good one."                                      

Dear Mother & Daddy,                              Saturday

"Thanks for the nice birthday present.  I'm going to save it for our trip and buy something in the Bahamas with it.  Mrs. Brown (the wife of the Prof. who takes the class) said you could buy beautiful cottons there--unusual prints.  If I don't find something I really want, I'll use the money for a plant.  I've wanted an old fashioned bleeding heart for a long time.

This week has been a real rat race.  We've gone from one thing to another and I'm still trying to iron.  But I had a nice birthday anyway.  Faith Larsen gave a little luncheon for me and I got lots of birthday cards.  B gave me a dress (Dacron) and a purse for the trip.  I had picked them out.  The dress is in the Sears catalog--a beige shirtwaist with pleated skirt.  It fit like it was made for me.

We are getting excited about the trip.  The Browns came over Tues. night to talk about it and to show us some pictures.  It is only about 2½ weeks till we go.  B has an 8:00 class and we will leave right after 9:00.  The bus of students leaves at 9:00.  We will stop with them every night so our sleeping quarters are all arranged far in advance.  I'm sending a list of these stops.  You could call us at any of them but don't try to write because we'll be moving so fast your letters probably would miss us.  We leave on March 22 and will be back April 1.  We will write cards along the way to you.

We haven't had a chance to look for finishes for the tables and we never did get any Deft for Daddy.  Why did you have to go to Crocker for the lumber?  It seems like they (the tables) are causing you an awful lot of trouble.  I wish you wouldn't worry about them.  Maybe when we come home this summer Daddy & I can work out the finish together.

We are really having spring weather but all of us are afraid to mention spring.  I cut a big bunch of pussy willows & brought them in.  Is yours alive?

I really haven't thought of spring clothes and probably won't get any new for Easter.  Ann has to have a coat soon.  Her old one is still good but just too small.  I have to have a spring coat too, but I'm going to wait until they go on sale after Easter.  I'm still worrying with our clothes for the trip.  I don't want to take much but I want it to be right.  I'll take my new dress for a good dress because we go to church (the whole class) the Sunday we fly into the Bahamas.

Granny is still in the hospital but is going home tomorrow.  Toni said she didn't want company so I haven't gone to see her but am going today.  Toni called me to go.  Granny bruised herself so badly when she fell that she still aches all over.  She really has a time.  If Toni wasn't strong as an ox I think she'd collapse.  I feel sorry for her but she won't let me help her.

I must get at my ironing so bye for now."

                        Lots of love,


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