Sunday, March 30, 2014

June 24, 1961 Bob Gets a Metal, Barbie Gets a Formal, Bonnie Gets a Letter and The Backyard is Full of Boys

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a school day so it really doesn't seem like Saturday at all.  They had classes today so the students could have the Monday before the 4th and that will make a nice long weekend for everyone.

Bob will be at Scout camp over the 4th so we won't plan anything special--probably enjoy the time at home.  He hopes to get his Life Scout rank at camp so we've been working hard on Scout stuff since school was out.  The boys got beautiful bronze medals for their long hike.  There is a picture of Lincoln on the front & on the back is engraved "Bob Belshe has walked in Lincoln's steps."  Bob is so proud of it and it will look nice on his uniform.  The boys will get a badge to sew on their uniforms for each of their 10 mile hikes.  Several boys are coming later this afternoon to work on their requirements.  B will work with them on it.

Silk Barbie doll formal, made my Bonnie
I spent most of yesterday making doll clothes for Ann's doll.  She has a sore throat and hasn't been able to do much except lie around.

Bob & I did have to go to the dentist yesterday.  Now we have to go to another one next week for our dentist thinks Bob will have to have braces.  He kept thinking that Bob's jaws would grow enough to make room for the teeth & they would straighten by themselves.  Bob grew 2¾" this year & still the jaw bones are too small for the size of his teeth so we have to get something done.  We used to think the thumb sucking made them stick out but now we are beginning to think it is just the way he grew.

I had Quill Club here Thursday night after someone else couldn't have it.  We have one more meeting & then none till fall.

We enjoying having Horace, Mabel & Sid last weekend but they were here hardly long enough to say hello.  They came about 3:00 Sunday afternoon & left before 8:00 Monday morning.  B had to be at school by 7:30 so all of us got up early & had breakfast together.  Then Horace and Mabel left soon afterwards.  He wanted to go to several wholesalers in St. Louis so had to get there as early as he could.  The boys all went to a horse show Sunday night but Mabel & I didn't want to go.

It is a little warmer this afternoon but it gets so cold at night I'm still wearing winter p.j.s.  The kids haven't even been swimming much.

Clip-on tie
I'm glad Daddy liked the shirt & tie.  Isn't that tie a queer one?  B hasn't had any but several people have liked them.

I had such a nice letter from Beulah.  I was awfully glad to get it but was ashamed I'd mentioned it to you for I know she hasn't any time or energy to write letters after her work is done.

Did you like the way your quilts looked after they were done?  I have two tops I should have finished up.

What pattern did Charlotte want on her cross-stitched dress?  I think Ann's pattern is as pretty as mine & there isn't a third the work on it.  It's like your apron.  I don't think I'll ever make another cross-stitched dress.  I'm working a little on my table cloth but not getting very far.

I have a backyard full of boys and B hasn't come from school.  There are a few extra ones besides the ones who are supposed to be here.

I stopped long enough to start supper and now it's getting dark & the wind is going to blow in some rain so I guess it will be cold again.

I've run out of news and with all the confusion I'm not getting very far anyway so bye for now."

                  Lots of love,



  1. It's interesting to me, in this letter B's thoughts seem to be a bit more "all over the place" than they have been in many past letters. Was she going through a stressful spell at the time or was this simply a "this and that sort of letter"? My maternal grandma is especially fond of sending those types, so I'm very used to them. :)

    Big hugs & happy Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I think most of the letters' content could be described as "this and that"; tidbits and descriptions of the daily tasks at hand...and that combined with Mom's industriousness and being so busy created a whirlwind of thoughts!

    Thanks for writing and have a great week!


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