Saturday, March 29, 2014

June 11 and 15, 1961 The School Year is Over, The Scouts are Hiking and The Flowers Have Been Beautiful

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Another school year is over and the town is very quiet now but it really was buzzing this morning.  Graduation was at 10:00 but I didn't go.  It seems like I've spent half my time at school this year and I didn't have to go today so Bob & I went to Bloomington.

The Scouts are planning their long hike from New Salem to Springfield next Wed. & Bob needed some Scout clothes.  He was supposed to hike another 10 miles today but got up with a sore knee & couldn't walk very comfortably so he couldn't go.  He probably twisted his knee & didn't know it.

Ann's flute lessons are over for the summer & I'm glad.  She'll go to school for band practice & that's enough.  We'll keep up the piano this month.  Her recital was Wednesday night & she played real well.

Both children got good reports from school & we are all glad school is out.  I'm trying to get a girl to help me clean the house but I'll have to wait till summer school begins.

B & I worked in the yard for awhile after he came from school & it looks so pretty.  My flowers have been beautiful.  The peonies are bending over with blossoms & the Paul Scarlet rose is blooming.  The iris are about gone.  I went to the country last Sunday and got a lot of new ones & put them out so I should have even more next year.

I haven't heard from Beulah in so long.  She usually writes right back but I haven't heard from her in ages.

We promised the kids ice cream cones so we'd better go.  Hope you both are fine."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  The promised ice cream meant a drive to the Dairy Queen, which always seemed much better than having ice cream at home.

Thursday, June 15, 1961

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Happy Fathers' Day to you both.  I'm actually going to be on time, for once.  Things are quieter around home and I haven't had to do so much running.  Bob had a physical exam Monday and I went to a PTA committee meeting last night and the rest of the time I've stayed at home.  It amazes me how much work I can get done when I don't have to dress up and go somewhere.

We've had real hot weather and the kids have been going swimming but yesterday was real cool and today is even cooler.  The furnace is even running.  The Scouts took their 21 mile hike yesterday and it really was a fine day for it.  Bob came home tired out but he had a good time.  They hiked into Springfield and then went to the capital and several places before coming home so they really had a day.  Two of the fathers took them.

Ann has been restless.  Her best friends are gone so she's a little lost.  She has a piano lesson this morning and that will help.

Yesterday was so cool I almost worked my socks off.  I did the ironing in the morning and then cleaned the upstairs bathroom.  It's all done except for the curtains and I'll iron them this morning.  I sewed a little yesterday too and have that other black-white gingham dress all done but some handwork.

My table cloth is coming along awfully slow.  There is always something else I need to do.

I'm glad Aunt Cliffie finally bought a place in town.  You will be company for one another.  I can't remember much about the house for it has been years since I was in it.

Bob's knee is fine.  It didn't stay sore too long and I think he must have twisted it some way.  He has all his long hikes done now for his badge.  He keeps saying he is going to work on his badges but the days go by and he doesn't do much.  I think he's as tired of the working & rushing as the rest of us.

B has been terribly busy this week and worked late some evenings.  They are winding up the records for the school year that is just over and getting ready for summer school.

I'd like to talk to Chloe about the drive to Alaska.  Bob & I would just love to go there but people say the road is so dusty and you have to travel so slowly.  People also say that prices are terribly high once you get there.

It is about lunch time so I must stop.  Hope you both have a nice day Sunday."

                           Lots of love,



  1. Oh my word, I want to try that cheery and pineapple ice cream sooo much!!! I've never seen that combo for sale in the shops, so I'm thinking I'll whip up a batch myself this summer. I don't have an ice cream maker, but I always make a few batches every year without one and they usually still turn out great. Thank you very much for the scrumptious inspiration!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. We have a brand locally that makes Banana Split--cherries, pineapple and banana. Yum!


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