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January 14, 1961 The Springlike Weather, The Cross Stitch, The Ecru Thread and The Xmas Play

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The morning is half gone but we don't have anything done.  We slept late and have been taking it easy.  Bob isn't even up and Ann stayed all night with a friend.

We went to the church supper last night and B showed our slides of last summer's trip.

The northern route home

We weren't real late but Bob wanted to see a special show so we let him stay up a long time after we got home.   He is pretty tired by the end of the week for he's been studying hard and plays basketball after school every day.

The weather has been so springlike but the ground is frozen so hard that there are still patches of ice and snow.  I've been wearing my spring coat but it's to be colder tonight.  The weather is just like it was last year before the storms began so we keep expecting the bad weather to begin.

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Did you get a new Ward's catalog?  They have some nice shoes in narrow widths this time.  That's the only new big catalog we have, so far.  I ordered a new slipcover for the couch in the study out of the Sear's sales book.  I had hoped to wait until we could move the couch to the basement but the old cover had worn out.  I'd sewed it together but it was a mess.  This is a plain green one and will probably look all right in the basement anyway.  It may be worn out before we get the basement done.  The man hasn't come yet to even look at it.  We haven't done anything about the kitchen either.

I started a Xmas play but haven't done anything more on it.  We had a Quill Club meeting this week but I didn't have anything to read.  Our year begins in Jan. and I'm president this year so that means a lot of extra things to do.  I didn't want to do it but had promised last year.

I'm still trying to work on my cross stitched dress every chance I get and it's coming along pretty good.  It is such a big bundle of cloth I can't carry it around very well or I could take it to piano with me.  I had thought I'd start taking my small tablecloth and napkins to work on during Ann's lesson but I can't find the thread to suit me.  I didn't order thread with the cloth.  Then I decided I might match the ecru in the edge of the cloth after I saw Sally's.  There are about a dozen shades of dark ecru and none of them match.  One of the stores was out of one shade and the woman thought that was probably the right one so I'll wait till they get some of it.  Then I may just get the light as I intended at the beginning.

Granny was here one afternoon.  I fixed a skirt for her.

Well, I must stop and get things done.  We must go after Ann and get things organized before tomorrow.  Sunday morning is always kind of hectic."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  For those interested in seeing the contents of vintage catalogs, use this link:  http://www.lileks.com/index.html

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