Monday, March 10, 2014

February 25, 1961 Red Shoes, Rolls & Relishes, B's Picture and Beulah's Hands

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The day is over and then some but I'm just getting to this.  The whole week has been a busy one.  Ann plays in the piano festival at Springfield tomorrow so we've had that on our minds lately.  She had a workshop this morning and she has been wishing for a new dress to wear so I spent Friday making her one.  I got it done too, but didn't do anything else.  I finally made up that piece of red and white you gave her for her birthday.  It is real pretty and she was so pleased with it.  One reason I hadn't made it was because she didn't want dresses--just blouses and skirts.  She knows her pieces real well and probably will play well too.  But if she doesn't, she'll at least be dressed pretty and will be happy about that.  She has new red shoes too.  She had to have them for the trip and we went ahead and bought them.

It is real cold but I hope we don't get the snow they claim we may have.

I have really been on the go.  Wednesday evening was a church supper and I had to do the decorations for it.  We didn't go to the supper for B was in Springfield all that day and I went to a Y.W.C.A. meeting that night.  Quill club met here Thursday night so I spent that day cleaning the house.  I went to a luncheon today and then we had potluck tonight.  I took rolls and relishes this time so it wasn't hard to fix my part of the food.

Did you see B's picture he sent his mother?  He had to have it taken for the school yearbook so he had one made for her.  I think it's real good.

I hope Beulah's hands are better.  A burn hurts so badly.  Did she have to go to the doctor?

Watty is getting along fine.  But Granny fell again and broke her arm near the shoulder.  She is in the hospital but won't have to stay too long.  They put the arm in a sling instead of a cast.  I haven't been to see her for Toni said she didn't want company so I'll wait till she feels better.  Toni will be lucky is she doesn't get sick.

My eyes are getting awfully heavy so I'd better go to bed.  Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


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