Tuesday, March 18, 2014

April 2, 1961 Back to Normal

NOTE:  On the inside cover of the book pictured above is the notation, April 1, 1961 Jackson, Tenn. Riddles, brain teasers, puzzles and games would be our family entertainment on the ride home. 


  1. Hi Ann -

    I am so glad you visited me at Kitchen Retro because that led me to your blog...would you believe that just before I checked my comments, I was thinking about getting back to transcribing my mother's letters? I have done some of her college-era ones, and was thinking about the ones she wrote as a child...I will have to catch up with your family letters blog and get inspired again :)

    I used to have a history/genealogy blog awhile back and sometimes think of doing one again...

    Cheers, Lidian (Laura)

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your comments. I hope you do get back to your mother's letters! It would be wonderful to see something she had written as a child and that would be great content.

    I hope your veggie shepherd's pie turned out well, and that you don't try the serpent potatoes:-)

    Thanks again for writing!


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