Friday, March 21, 2014

April 15, 1961 The Washing & Ironing, The Invitations, The Slides and The Special Meetings

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today seems to be washday for me so I've been washing & ironing.  Just hadn't got to it this week.  I spent Monday & Tues. cleaning since the potluck group met here Tues. night.  I didn't have to cook, except for making coffee, but 12 people make a lot of extra work anyway.   Then Larsens were here for supper Wed. night.  They wanted to see our slides so we had our anniversary dinner that night & invited them.  We had been over there Sunday night to plan a reception we are giving for a woman who works in B's and Art's office.  She is retiring this year after working 30 some years at the University.  She knows so many people we are sending out 4 or 500 invitations.

Thanks for the pretty card.  We didn't do anything special on Thurs. because there were three places we were supposed to go & we chose to go to Bob's Scout meeting.  He got some new badges so we wanted to be there.  I always feel sorry for kids when neither parent goes with them to these special meetings. 

Last night we went to a dinner party to honor two faculty people who are retiring & tonight there is a faculty dinner at school.  Things will be this way from now till the end of school, I guess.

Bruce stayed all night with Bob last night & Ann went to a friend's house to a slumber party.  She'll be tired today for they never sleep much at those things.

There is a big Scout show this afternoon and Bob has to work part of the time so we'll go to that for awhile.

Burl Ives signing autographs
We'd like to see Buddy & Bessie but I know how hard it is to do anything extra when you're with a group.  They'll be lucky if they can find time to call us.

I'd like to work in the yard today but it's awfully cold.  We did get the front yard cleaned up but ran out of time & didn't touch the back.  My tulips are trying to bloom & opened up when we had a half day of sun but they are closed up tight today.

The willow is coming out slowly but it would pop out too if the sun would shine a little.

It's about lunch time and there doesn't seem to be much news so bye for now."

                          Lots of love,


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